UFO archives in the world (disclosure documents)

UFO archives in the world (disclosure documents) is my attempt to gather all available documents about UFOs. This is primarily government, military, company and scientific documents scanned to PDF files or JPG images. But I will also try to draw a picture of each country’s status associated with the presence of unidentified flying objects. Links to additional resources will be used.

UFO archives in the world (disclosure documents)

Additional resources can be links to organizations, associations, committees and also ordinary websites or blogs dealing with the presence of unidentified aerial phenomena in their respective countries. Not all countries are on the list. Countries with no UFO files at all are excluded and put on this list. Additional resources also include public sighting records.

This work started in early May 2018, still under construction. The list below was updated June 10th 2018.

UFO files (disclosure documents) by country

Below countries with available UFO files (disclosure documents) and/or additional resources.

UFO archives in the world complete list?

The UFO archives in the world is a glossary for research into the ET reality around the world. The list will surely grow over time and I will update it when new documents are declassified and released. Is my list the complete list? Unfortunately, I can not guarantee this is the absolute and complete list, but I will certainly do my work here.

If you have knowledge about related archives that contain government disclosure documents not on my list, feel free to drop a comment. Do you have Intel in relation to government documents released but not available for the public yet, for example, the Russian Navy UAP files, you are very welcome to drop a comment or send me an email to info (at) myufophotos (dot) com

UFO archives in the world updated

In my website administration, I have the opportunity to see if and when links are going dead. When a link shows up with a 404, I will know! The archive will be updated frequently.


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