UFO fly-by footage reveals strange condensation

UFO fly-by footage reveals strange condensation in a video recorded in Denmark on June 28, 2011, at 5.15 PM local time in Odense city. My HD video camcorder was on tripod pointing in a westerly direction filming the passing clouds. A dark grey UFO with angular shapes and fog around it flew by and it was captured on video. The very special thing about this piece of footage, is the revelation of some sort of fog/condensation that interacts playfully with the unidentified flying object.

UFO fly-by footage reveals strange condensation

I first discovered the UFO fly-by on August 24, 2018, while I looked through some old videos of clouds from 2011. In these old cloud videos, I encountered some insects and birds. But one object in the video above stands out pretty clear. But I have not yet been successful with the identification of this vessel. It seems not to look like any terrestrial vessel I know of.

  • See original video here (look from 0:00 to 0:04)

UFO fly-by in precise straight line

Then I first saw this little thing in my video my first thought was “insect”. But the movement in a straight line across the screen made me curious. I investigated further and found it actually follows a precise straight line from right to left. It is so precise that you can draw a line from where the object first appears (right side of screen) to the last time just before it disappears (left side of screen).

UFO fly-by in a straight line movement

That it follows a straight line is not a crucial indication that the object is not an insect. But when I think about it, I have never seen an insect in cruise flight. They tend to fly in patterns and not follow a straight course over longer distances. Birds are cruising but this object does not really resemble a bird either.

UFO with angular shapes and strange condensation

The unknown object seems to have angular shapes which is visible throughout the nine individual frames I managed to get from the UFO fly-by video. But some minor changes are seen when it is flying. What made me convinced that this object is not an insect, or a bird, is the condensation (fog) that is seen around and on top of been released from this vehicle in flight.

UFO releasing condense / fog

What also made me curious was, that the unidentified flying object seems to have several dark spots on its surface. If these are openings or portholes I don´t know, but they are there. In frame 4 below, it looks like the vessel has a big opening behind. One could actually believe it was some kind of transport vessel because of that opening. For fast loading and unloading.

UFO with big opening behind?

In the picture above you also see this strange condensation (fog) being created on the top of the object. Actually, you can see there is some condensation beneath and around the vessel in below animation that seems to follow the object in all 9 frames.

Fly-by footage animated shows strange condensation

Below fly-by animation based on 9 frames from the original video shows the odd object in action. Jet planes produce natural condensation trails but not the same way as this vessel does here. There is a static manifestation of condensation (fog) around the vessel most concentrated beneath it and behind to the right. On top condensation is seen “running” from left to right…

UFO frame by frame animation

  • See more animations here

The animation above shows the strange emission of condensation clearly. Short bursts of condensation or something else that looks like fog is emitted on top, behind and below this vehicle. The behavior of the unidentified flying object is very strange. Looks like the aliens or someone else not from this realm was in the sky above Denmark.

UFO fly-by on surveilance footage in Denmark

The UFO fly-by was captured on surveillance footage recorded with a JVC Everio HD memory camcorder GZ-HM200 on a tripod. The camcorder was focused on the clouds which is the reason why the object seems a little blurred. Unfortunately, the UAP is not 100% in focus. The video format is *.mts and carries high definition video.

I was filming the clouds passing by in that hope I could use some of this footage as background for other videos I produce. So I made these recordings but did not find any useful material. I did not delete any of it but forgot it.

Then the computer crashed and I had no access to the hard drives until August 2018. So seven years after I finally got the opportunity to look through the material and found the fly-by footage.

Earlier sighting maybe same UAP in footage?

I had a sighting one day looking out my terrace door in a westerly direction, the same place from where I recorded this UFO fly-by footage. I saw a small dark grey UAP estimated to be under 100 meters away then it passed in front of me. It was traveling across the sky from the south towards the north and disappears just above the treetops about 100 meters away to the right of me.

I only had a few seconds to see it while it passed in front of me. To me, it did not act like a bird and it was too big to be an insect. There was no sound at all. Just a little grey object that flew in a precise straight line. I wonder if that object could be the same I captured on film here?

Unidentified flying object releasing fog is not new

Here on site, I have other pictures that show unidentified aerial phenomena creating condensation or releasing fog. Or something that looks like fog, maybe ectoplasm of some kind? If you look throughout the galleries you will see that condensation happens now and then. There is, for example, the last one in this gallery, see the UFO Salute…

Speeding black, solid, domed, UFO captured by helicopter camera in the Netherlands?

I don´t know if this speeding black, solid, domed, UFO captured by helicopter in the Netherlands is exactly the same object. But notice there is something white on top of the UAP when it passes. Is this condensation? See Twitter link below:

Speeding Black, solid, domed, vessel captured by helicopter in the Netherlands, 2012.

Well, we need a zoomed frame by frame animation to see what´s going on on top of this UAP. But if that is condensation we may have the same technology in action as we saw with the UFO fly-by footage here from Denmark.

Basic sighting data

  • Denmark, Odense June 28th 2011 at 5.15 PM
  • Camera position: Denmark, Odense
  • JVC video camcorder GZ-HM200
  • Compass direction: West (UAP came from North going towards South)

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