Unidentified bright light moving in the night sky

Unidentified light moving in the night sky was visible in the viewfinder while looking through my digital night vision monocular NVI-500. The object was spotted above Odense city in Denmark and I was filming it out of my window in a south south-western direction on December 19, 2021 at 7:30 pm. I did not see the light with my own eyes, I saw it through the monocular only using infrared (IR) while I was busy operating it. Maybe I was lucky to snap a photo of the UFO too, see further down the page.

Date/time in video is incorrect. Correct date and time is December 19, 2021 around 7.30pm.

Object was seen heading for the outskirts of Odense University Hospital and it is my theory it was a rescue helicopter preparing for landing at the hospital. I have seen them many times coming in for landing and they are always pretty noisy. But this one was without noise which is a bit strange since they are not very far away from my position.

UFO or not, video is pretty useless

In the video above you´ll see it as a slowly moving bright light. It is much larger than the visible stars and it has a clear black outline which may be an artificial effect caused by the IR mode. The only thing you can do here is to say that there was an object in the sky, it was moving and was not a star. It could be just an aircraft or a helicopter which I, by the way, did not see before the recording.

I saw other lights from aircrafts in the night sky but not this one. Maybe it was just unfortunate circumstances that made me not see the object before shooting the video and which made me think it was something mysterious? The missing sound from a rotor amazes me but I can´t prove anything with this video. A light in the sky is just a light and tells nothing about shape, color, fuselage, markings and so on. At this point the video is pretty useless because it is just a bright light moving in the night sky.

UFO photo?

Maybe I was lucky to perpetuate the UFO on photo using the IR monocular NVI-500 since I accidentally pushed the photo snapshot button instead of video recording. Maybe it is the same object as in the video?

Helicopter shaped UFO

I am new to this night vision (IR) concept and do not know how to relate to what I see in the photo. In the video above, it was just a moving bright light but on photo it shows up with visible and different colored shapes.

When I see the object in the picture I can well associate it with a helicopter and then still not. Because it’s not an exact delineation of what a helicopter looks like when you go into details in the photo. Only the overall shape of it have the same profile as a helicopter.

Santa Claus coming into town? A UFO? Air plane or helicopter? Up to you to decide what it can be…

Basic sighting data

  • Denmark, Odense December 19, 2021 around 7.30 pm
  • Wind direction: North West (away from me in relation to UFO)
  • Camera position: Denmark, Odense
  • Camera type: Denver digital night vision monocular NVI-500
  • Compass direction: South South-West

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