F16 jet fighter UFO/UAP gallery

F16 jet fighter UFO/UAP gallery is a continuation of Military aircraft in dramatic UFO fleet hunt over Denmark and shows all related UFO pictures to that event. The event unfolded in Denmark on July 6, 2010 above Odense city at noon.

F16 jet fighter UFO/UAP gallery

The first picture was taken at 12.46.56 pm, the last of the 10 pictures at 12.48.04 pm. So the UFOs (unidentified flying objects) or the so-called UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon) was captured within a time frame of 1 minute and 8 seconds.

The F16 UFO/UAP gallery

The F16 UFO/UAP gallery is the 10 hi-res photos and diminished illustrations with black arrows showing you the positions of the UAP. Click on the “HI-RES”-link on top of each illustration to see the UFOs in hi-res DSLR version (3872 x 2592 pixels at 12 megapixels). The best solution for you would be to have a picture viewer where you can zoom the images.

  • DSC00515.JPG (3 objects)
  • DSC00516.JPG (3 objects)
  • DSC00517.JPG (3 objects)
  • DSC00519.JPG (2 objects + F16)
  • DSC00520.JPG (2 objects)
  • DSC00522.JPG (2 objects)
  • DSC00524.JPG (1 objects)
  • DSC00525.JPG (2 objects)
  • DSC00526.JPG (3 objects)
  • DSC00527.JPG (2 objects)

Below each illustration, you see the related UAP´s in a mini gallery. Some of those pictures are magnified and processed using basic image processing tools in Adobe Photoshop. This was done in an attempt to clear up the images and make the objects standing out as clear as possible.

A part of the UAP fleet is very small in the photos but just saved on the finish-line thanks to hi-res photography. That means that some of the UFOs would have been omitted if the photo quality had been lower than 3872 x 2592 pixels at 12 megapixels.

Notice that the first picture in each gallery below has not been processed with any image software. That is just to show you how it is seen in the original photos. But they have been cropped and in most cases magnified to make it appropriately visible.

UFO with elevation, spheres, undefined

DSC00515.JPG: July 6, 2010 at noon 12.46.56 pm (HI-RES)

DSC00515 UAP illustration

DSC00515 Object A: UFO with elevation, light fuselage, dark area in the middle

The unknown vehicle in below UAP gallery has a clearly defined dark area in front. That dark area is in the middle of something that looks like a fuselage in a much lighter color. On top, there is an elevation, maybe sensor equipment?

DSC00515 Object B: White spherical object and black rectangular UFO

The image gallery below shows not only one but two objects. The whitish spherical object seems to move around in the sky from picture to picture. Keep an eye with object B in the following photo galleries below. I can not be sure that the object I have dubbed Object B, is the same in DSC0515.JPG, DSC0516.JPG, DSC0519.JPG, and DSC0520.JPG. But it is the only object that is clear white! As you may have noticed, the white sphere is joined by a black rectangular object. That is just on the edge to disappear into the surrounding pixels. See the illustration at the bottom with object B probably observing the F16.

DSC00515 Object C: Sphere UFO

The sphere UFO in below gallery is nearly just a dot and the results of image processing gave not much to work with. Last image below is a calculation and an attempt to isolate the object from the surrounding pixels. The image is inverted and what is left shows something that could be a sphere shape. Explore other unidentified spherical objects here

A possible repeat, white UAP and a clear UFO

DSC00516.JPG: July 6, 2010 at noon 12.46.58 pm (HI-RES)

DSC00516 UAP illustration

DSC00516 Object A: UFO with elevation on top left

The type of object in below gallery repeats itself in image batches connected to a later UFO photo sighting I had on May 25, 2017. And it repeats itself here too. The object is disc-shaped from the perspective and has this dark black area in the middle with something that looks like fuselage around it. Could the black area be a window section? This type of vessel shares the same profile as some of the other object A´s in images DSC0515.JPG, DSC0517.JPG, DSC0519.JPG, and DSC0522.JPG.

DSC00516 Object B: White undefined UAP

Object B in below gallery is the UFO that I suspect repeats itself in 3 other images (DSC0515.JPG, DSC0519.JPG, DSC0520.JPG). This is the only white object there is among the other darker ones and it moves around over fair distances in only 2-second intervals. In the first image below it is a very faint object, the other images below shows my attempt to clear up the real shape and isolate it from the surrounding pixels. See the illustration at the bottom with object B and the F16.

DSC00516 Object C: Clear rounded UFO hovering

When you look at the UAP gallery below, you are not in doubt that a rounded object is there. This is the largest of them all and it is easy to find in the hi-res photo. I tried hard to process this image to get this object magnified and cleared up further, but with no usable results. The pictures below are the best ones I can offer you. This UAP is not entirely in focus and when magnified further, it melts together with the surrounding pixels and is a dead end. Does it look terrestrial to you?

Elongated disc-shaped object, a flying saucer and a sphere

DSC00517.JPG: July 6, 2010 at noon 12.47.00 pm (HI-RES)

DSC00517 UAP illustration

DSC00517 Object A: Elongated or disc-shaped UAP

Below image gallery shows an elongated or disc-shaped UAP in front of a hole in the cloud. It has a light colored shape with a black area in the middle as the other object A´s in images DSC0515.JPG, DSC0516.JPG, DSC0519.JPG, and DSC0522.JPG. The black area may be just a shadow, indication of a three-dimensional object.

DSC00517 Object C: The flying saucer

What is a real UFO fleet without a flying saucer? This almost looks like the one I recorded on video on June 19, 2012. It seems to have the same shape even when seen from a different perspective. Explore other flying saucers here

DSC00517 Object D: Sphere / Dot

Just a dot in below gallery, but something is there…

Elognated droplet UAP, building in the sky and the F16

DSC00519.JPG: July 6, 2010 at noon 12.47.00 pm (HI-RES)

DSC00519 UAP illustration

DSC00519 Object A: Elognated droplet UAP

The UAP in the UFO gallery below is slightly different compared to the previous two other object A’s. It has a dark area in the middle, but in this case, it does not look as if there may be a possible section of windows. There seems to be some attachment at the bottom of this object. Two legs, sensors or landing gear? And you maybe get associations with an insect, but with my focal length at 70mm focused on the cloud in the middle, it would probably show a blurred out of focus object. And nothing suggests this thing is in motion either. The dark area seems to just show a physical object with shadows in the shape of an elongated droplet. See the other object A´s in images DSC0515.JPG, DSC0516.JPG, DSC0517.JPG, and DSC0522.JPG.

DSC00519 Object B: A house in the sky?

The object in below UFO gallery has been edited with the available image processing tools in Adobe Photoshop and they are not manipulated intentionally to show what I think it shows. The more I study these pictures, the more I am convinced, that this structure really looks like a building (or a house). And it has something that resembles a moving gate that is half closed in front of an opening? Below that, there is another area that could resemble an opening? I am a bit stunned about this UFO picture and I tried to draw the object as I see it. Also, see the illustration and image series at the bottom related to object B and the F16.

DSC00519 Object C: The F16 jet fighter

This is the images that I believe proves, that an F-16 jet fighter was in the area at the same time as the UFO fleet here. Unfortunately, this object is very very faint, and the only thing that got my attention was the distinct area of pixels that forms what I think is a vertical stabilizer on an airplane. After closer inspection, it also looks like the nose and cockpit is visible too, and it looks very much as an F16 fighter aircraft to me.

Eliptical sphere with three white spheres and the white UFO?

DSC00520.JPG: July 6, 2010 at noon 12.47.02 pm (HI-RES)

DSC00520 UAP illustration

DSC00520 Object A: Oval sphere with three white spheres docked

The UAP gallery below shows a dark oval sphere with three white spheres docked at one end. There is no doubt in my mind that this is an alien vehicle with extraterrestrial origin. This is a UFO. The three docked spheres could maybe be the same that appears in images further down in the article, where there is a picture of three spheres in a row, see image DSC0526.JPG.

DSC00520 Object B: The white UFO

Back to object B again, the only object in the sky that is white. If its the same as in DSC0515.JPG, DSC0516.JPG, and DSC0519.JPG, it has now traveled a relatively long distance upwards and is now floating slowly downwards towards the F16 aircraft, which is somewhere outside the image. I looked thoroughly after the aircraft and based on its last position in image DSC0519.JPG and it’s supposed heading towards left, the F16 should be somewhere below the white object to the left, but is probably behind a cloud. The interesting thing about the object in the images here is the tail of smoke or condensation it leaves as if it was flying downwards, which I think it does, in a 45-degree angle. The third and last image below is inverted and magnified. Also, see the illustration at the bottom with object B and the F16.

Elongated UAP and a sphere

DSC00522.JPG: July 6, 2010 at noon 12.47.02 pm (HI-RES)

DSC00522 UAP illustration

DSC00522 Object A: Elongated UAP

Elongated UAP with some undefinable elevations on top of it. The little red dot just above is an error on the photosensor.

DSC00522 Object C: Sphere / Dot

Sphere / Dot, something is there…

Elongated faint object

DSC00524.JPG: July 6, 2010 at noon 12.47.04 pm (HI-RES)

DSC00524 UAP illustration

DSC00524 Object A: Elongated faint object

An elongated very faint object that seems to be cylinder-shaped.

Elongated object and a strange UAP

DSC00525.JPG: July 6, 2010 at noon 12.47.04 pm (HI-RES)

DSC00525 UAP illustration

DSC0525.JPG – Object A: Elongated object

An elongated object that also seems to be cylinder-shaped.

DSC0525.JPG – Object C: Strange UAP

Strange UAP with its “arms in the air”, could be a spider maybe?

Black shperes

DSC00526.JPG: July 6, 2010 at noon 12.47.58 pm (HI-RES)

DSC00526 UAP illustration

DSC0526.JPG – Object A: Three black spheres

Below UAP gallery shows three black spheres in a row, maybe the same that was docked to the object A in image DSC0520.JPG?

Sphere / Dot

DSC00527.JPG: July 6, 2010 at noon 12.48.04 pm (HI-RES)

DSC00527 UAP illustration

DSC0527.JPG – Object A.

Sphere / Dot, something is there…

DSC0527.JPG – Object C.

Sphere / Dot, something is there…

That was the ten UAP photos related to the dramatic F16 UFO hunt above Odense city on July 6, 2010.

Object B, the white UFO / UAP

I am no scientist and this is not a scientific dissertation of what happened that day over my city. But I have my speculations about object B, the only whitish object in the UFO pictures. But because I have a whitish object in four of the photos, is it not a decisive confirmation that the object is the same. Actually, object B displays differently in all four images. You cannot say this white object looks similar in the photos below. But it seems to be the only white UFO compared to the other generally darker objects.

Object B UAP collage

As you can see above I compared the four images where the white object is visible (DSC0515.JPG, DSC0516.JPG, DSC0519.JPG, DSC0520.JPG). The B1-B4 markings above corresponds to the B1-B4 positions in the illustration below.

UFO observes the F16?

As you can see in the illustration below, object B seem to move around in the sky from image to image. It moves over fair distances with only a few seconds intervals. From picture DSC0515.JPG to DSC0516.JPG, it moves a nice distance upwards in the sky in Less than 2 seconds. From picture DSC0516.JPG to DSC0519.JPG it travels nearly the double of that distance in less than 2 seconds. Personally, I think the UFO at point B3 and B4 could possibly be the same. It does not look similar in the pictures above, but could it display differently when in flight? The UFO at position B4 seems to be in flight and moving.

F16 observed by a UFO?

The illustration above shows where object B and the F16 aircraft was in the sky with time stamps. It looks like this UFO observed the aircraft and not vice versa in this particular situation. What was on position B3 in one photo, disappeared from its position in the next photo, where a whitish object appeared at a new position B4. The UAP seem to approach the plane…

The F16 UAP gallery overview

Below you have each UAP object presented all together!

UAP gallery based on DSLR photography

The pictures in the UAP gallery above were taken with a Sony A-100 DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera with Sony standard zoom lens 3.5-5.6/18-70mm. It produces images in the resolution of 3872 x 2592 pixels at 12 MP (megapixels), which today is a bit outdated. But the relatively high resolution made it possible to visualize many of the small objects in the photos. And the higher the resolution is, the more you can zoom in. With a smaller resolution, this UAP gallery would never have been possible.

This event was also mentioned here: Show me a picture of a UFO (unidentified flying object)

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