Afghanistan UFO files (disclosure documents)

Afghanistan UFO files (disclosure documents) seem not to exist. But a wave of sightings in 1980-81 got U.S. Department of State interested in the matter and documents from there have been declassified under Freedom of Information legislation.

Afghanistan UFO files (disclosure documents)

Disclosure documents

On February 4, 1981, a Mr. Archard reported to the American Embassy in Aslamabad, Pakistan, about close encounters in Afghanistan. He addresses the matter of the “UFOs” seen by several adventurers there to be secret devices or technologies of the former Soviet Union. It began in 1980 and continued to concern U.S. authorities into 1981.

The locations of the sightings have been Ghazni August 1980, Nuristan September 1980 and Khost January 1981. The sightings are described as bright lights illuminating large portions of, or as much as one quarter of the Afghan sky (source 1).


Missing Afghanistan UFO files?

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  1. Yes I’m been searching for a long wile around 36 years not had encounter yet but would like to understand what these poor people are going through of the experience t the time of the abduction im very interestied in this subject I’m very serious as well of the subject I’ve got film ps abduction DVDs controversial subject in these matters on research I’ve in the past online had one or two conversation on with nick pope online on this I would like be greaful if good send me footage and documentation from 1947 since the rose will crash how ever found more on the time on the rose will incident at the time of this fantastic story

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