Amazing Cirrocumulus cloud structure below aircraft contrails?

Amazing Cirrocumulus cloud structure that seems to be below aircraft contrails is probably a Cirrocumulus cloud type. It was photographed in Denmark on August 27, 2012, above Odense city in the evening at 7.46 pm local time.

Amazing Cirrocumulus cloud structure below aircraft contrails

The amazing cloud I refer to is the cloud you see in the middle of the above photo just above the trees. You can follow the cloud structure all the way up to the first contrail. Some of the cloud structure is shattered higher up reaching for the next contrail.

Cirrocumulus cloud below aircraft contrail

When you look closely at the above picture, you´ll see the cloud structure are in front of the first contrail. And that is the reason why I decided to call the cloud structure Cirrocumulus. Read more about this cloud type here

Cirrocumulus cloud structure

The Cirrocumulus cloud type form between 16,600 feet and 30,000 feet according to this website. They just touch the airspace where contrails are left by air traffic between 27.000 feet up to around 40.000 feet (where the Cirrus weather system rules).

Cirrocumulus or something else?

It does not look like Cirrus, Cumulus or Cumulonimbus. The cloud structure seems to go downwards seen from the perspective. I am no weather expert or meteorologist but strongly believe this is the amazing Cirrocumulus cloud type.

Additional information

See the weather history for Denmark (Sonderborg Airport, DK) on August 27, 2012

Camera used: Sony A-100 DSLR with a standard 18-75mm zoom lens

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