Austria UFO files (disclosure documents)

Austria UFO files (disclosure documents) are not available. Searches on CIA and NSA archives gives no results. But they have an organization there taking care of UFO sighting reports.

Austria UFO files (disclosure documents)


German-speaking Society for UFO Research / Austria (DEGUFO) is a German-speaking society for UFO research in Austria. DEGUFO is dedicated to the research of unidentified aerial phenomena on a scientific level. They maintains contact with important UFO research centers and associations in the entire German-speaking area.

The website is specifically interesting because of a comprehensive press archive with UFO reports in the Austrian print media. You can also report sightings here but the reports are not available directly on their site. Instead they offer a link to that also contains reports from Austria.

Author and organizer Mario Rank

Mario Rank is a writer and organizer of the “Vienna Congress of Border Sciences”. He operates the Internet platform and has written numerous articles about the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligences, conspiracies and mysterious phenomena in general. The Internet magazine is also his creation.

Mario Rank wrote the book UFOs over Austria. In this book you will learn that the Alpine region also have their unidentified phenomena. Eerie encounters and mysterious unidentified light phenomena are scrutinized and analyzed by the author

Austria UFO websites and blogs

They have the WAHRE X FILE FORUM with discussions about the paranormal, conspiracy theories and aliens.

Austria UFO files missing?

If you have knowledge of additional resources to the Austria UFO files not been addressed in my article, please drop a comment.

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