Beautiful Cirrocumulus cloud section above Cumulus

Beautiful Cirrocumulus cloud section above Cumulus is what I believe a Cirrocumulus cloud type display outside my window. It was captured on photo in Denmark on August 12, 2012, above Odense city at 1.16 pm local time.

Beautiful Cirrocumulus cloud section above Cumulus

I am no weather expert or meteorologists but think I can see this is the classic Cirrocumulus cloud type. The Cirrocumulus cloud system can be very sophisticated (and beautiful) but this one is not as sophisticated as they can be.

Cirrocumulus cloud type

Cirrocumulus are created above 18.000 feet and goes up to 30.000 feet high. They are in a globular, wavelike, and rippled pattern usually in regularly arranged groups. Cirrocumulus are composed of supercooled water droplets or ice crystals or a mixture of both. It can be a chemical process where water droplets very rapidly convert into ice crystals.

Cirrocumulus and Cumulus

The Cirrocumulus cloud type particles can also produce coronae and iridescence around the Sun or Moon.

Beautiful Cirrocumulus cloud section above Cumulus photo gallery

See the beautiful Cirrocumulus as high-resolution photos in the photo gallery below.

Additional information

See the weather history for Denmark (Vojens-Skrydstrup Air Base) on August 12, 2012

Camera used: Sony A-100 DSLR with a standard 18-75mm zoom lens

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