Defense minister Trine Bramsen says no UFOs above Denmark

Defense minister Trine Bramsen (S) says, that no UFOs above Denmark have been reported by the Danish military in the past 10 years. The answer fell after Trine Bramsen was asked by the Conservatives’ Niels Flemming Hansen whether the Defense in Denmark has observed physical flying objects that move in inexplicable ways in that period.

Trine Bramsen has been asked to comment on the case of UFOs in the wake of the Pentagon report. And for a period of 10 years starting from 2011 the answer is NO. And it came in an article by Ekstra Bladet on December 3, 2021.

For the purpose of answering the question, the Defense Command has stated that during the period in question, the Defense has not registered any reported incidents that have observed flying objects either visually or by radar systems, whose behavior and origin were unexplained, the Minister writes.

NATO takes over if UFOs are observed above Europe

According to Former Command Sergeant Major Bob Dean, NATO will take over if UFOs are observed above Denmark and the rest of Europe. If some of the nation states are visited by unidentified flying objects (UFOs), it is not the nation states’ own air defenses that are activated, but that in Ramstein under NATO auspices.

The truth in the statement by Bob Dean could have been indicated in the response I got from the Danish Air Defense back in 2010 after a large UFO incident involving an F16 on July 6, 2010, at 12.45 pm. above Odense city. I asked for access (parallel to the FOIA requests) to the Danish Air Force about the incident.

They promptly answered that no Danish F16 was in the area at that time. There had been an exercise a couple of hours earlier before the incident over Odense. But all the Danish F16s were back at their base around 11.30 am well before the UFO event 12.45 pm above Odense city. The question is who flew that F16 jetfighter above Odense that day?

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