Dotted aircraft contrail strands flanked by Cirrus cloud type

Dotted aircraft contrail strands flanked by Cirrus cloud type is just another example of contrails and Cirrus clouds together. The photos were taken in Denmark on April 26, 2010, in Odense city in the evening at around 8.00 pm local time.

Dotted aircraft contrail strands flanked by Cirrus cloud type

The dotted aircraft contrail strands are unique in relation to the many contrail photos I have taken. I have never seen this pattern before like this. The ruling weather conditions here creates some spectacular patterns in the sky.

Dotted aircraft contrail strands

In the below photo you can better see what I mean with “Dotted aircraft contrail strands”. They are like cut several times in their reach out for the upper sky. Even when contrails are the actual synonym for chemtrails, they can also look beautiful when they spread out. The photo below has been processed in Adobe Photoshop with Auto Tone.

Dotted contrail strands

We magnify further to see even closer see below photo…

Contrail strands

I am no weather expert or meteorologist but have seen so many contrails now and this pattern is pretty unique. The reason why I make these cloud and contrail articles are for the sake of the photos. Weather and contrail photos can be awesome.

Cirrus cloud type

On top of the dotted contrail strands, you see what I believe is the birth of the Cirrus cloud type. That´s the long hair-like bands that float out from the contrail structure beneath.

Cirrus cloud type

The Cirrus cloud type is the weather system that rules from 18.000 feet and up to about 45.000 feet. That´s the area where contrails (condensation trails) are left by commercial air traffic. So when a contrail is laid out it tends to come under the ruling weather condition there, which is the Cirrus cloud process since these clouds form at that altitude.

Cirrus clouds consist of ice crystals, not water droplets. Water droplets are heavier than ice crystals and they fall faster than ice crystals. This detail may determine how Cirrus clouds form.

Sorry for the stain on the lens…

Additional information

See the weather history for Denmark (Sonderborg Airport Station) on April 26, 2010

Camera used: Sony A-100 DSLR with a standard 18-75mm zoom lens

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