My UFO photos is about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) documented with DSLR photography. The high resolution photos have been taken primarily in Denmark since 2009. It is real UFO pictures that reveals different types of vessels I cannot identify.

There are flying saucers, discs, cylinders, spheres and other unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) in the images. There is no manipulation, the UAP is authentic.

In most cases, I did not see any objects in the sky during the photography. I discovered them subsequently then I analyzed the images. To date I have shot more than 7000 sky pictures and some of them prove to contain unidentified flying vessels of some kind.

Besides my photos I also have had some sightings which in some cases brought the paranormal aspect into play. In one case, this included face to face alien contact.

Other topics related to this phenomenon will be covered. Keep an eye with the News and check the general stream of articles or check the sitemap for all posts.

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