Bizarre UFO phenomenon or strange cloud manifestation?

Bizarre UFO phenomenon or strange cloud manifestation is one of the weirder photos I have. There is a shadow in the sky, a dark spot or maybe a spherical object that seems to emit fog or smoke. The small faint object was, unknowingly, captured on photo in Denmark on May 25, 2017, at 3.04 PM local time in Odense city (map).

Bizarre UFO phenomenon or strange cloud manifestation?

The picture above is unedited but cropped out from a much larger photo. It does show a bizarre object or a cloud manifestation with a shadow or dark spot in it. The picture below has been edited with different filters for example Auto Contrast and Brightness. It shows the strange object a bit more clear but it is still pretty faint.

Bizarre UFO phenomenon (grayscale)

The photography was done inside a secluded pasture where I had a creature sighting the day before on May 24, 2017. That sighting caused me to investigate the site on May 25th which produced 173 images and this UFO gallery

Bizarre UFO phenomenon is a cloud manifestation?

The bizarre UFO phenomenon here could also be just a cloud manifestation or condensation. What triggered me was the dark spot in it which is odd when we talk about cloud condensation. Because where does the shadow or dark spot come from?

A beginning cloud manifestation in the sky does not really have shadows because they are too small to make a shadow. They tend to be just cloud white fog. The dark spot or shadow indicate either a small cloud thickness confined to a very small area or a physical object. And both possibilities are equally strange…

Bizarre UFO phenomenon Auto Tone Color

The picture above has been edited in Adobe Photoshop with Auto Tone filter to illustrate it´s shape more clearly. The Auto Tone filter draws up the entire picture and make even small differences in pixel colors clear. The colors are false but the shape is true.

UFOs in relation to cloud condensation

The bizarre UFO phenomenon here is not unique. I have other photos and one video that shows UFOs in relation to different kinds of possible cloud condensation. There is the strange cloud manifestation beneath a UFO here, there is the cloud creator photo here and there is the video that shows an unknown object with fog around it and a strange running vapor trail on top here. For more about UFOs and condensation explore the Condensation-TAG

Basic sighting data

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