Smiley UFO with scout fleet above Denmark

Smiley UFO with scout fleet was a group of unidentified flying objects captured on photo in Denmark on September 19, 2018. They were photographed high in the sky west south-west of Odense city at 3.25 pm local time. I did not see them while taking the so-called “archive” photos of clouds in the sky. But two days later I discovered the smiley in one of the photos.

Smiley UFO with scout fleet above Denmark

I used a Canon EOS 60D with a 300mm zoom lens producing JPEG images in the resolution of 5184 x 3456 pixels (18 Mega Pixels). A smaller resolution would have rendered the objects more unclear. But I captured them with only 190mm focal length and the largest object reveals a strange little surprise.

Gold Glowing Smiley UFO

It´s a smiley 🙂 with a big smile 🙂 big surprise! I can further describe this object as a light grey spherical cloud-like object with a horseshoe-shaped glowing white light on it.

Smiley UFO is luminous white

The two pictures above have been filtered with Auto Tone in Adobe Photoshop to make the smiley UFO more clear for the viewer. But in that process, the large object got a yellow-orange glow which is not the real color. In the original cropped and zoomed version below, it is luminous white. It is nearly invisible in the sunlight that is coming from the bottom left in the photo.

Smiley UFO luminous white

The image below has been processed in Adobe Photoshop with brightness and contrast.

Smiley UFO brightness and contrast adjustment

My first thought when I saw this thing was “lens flare“. But I have never seen a lens flare with that look (on its face) and I have seen many different types of lens flares. The object also comes with a small fleet of luminous orb-like objects? It is not a lens flare if you ask me. Maybe something extraterrestrial like space aliens? Well, I will probably never know…

Nice surprise, smiley UFO photo archived 🙂

Gangster arrested earlier that same day…

A couple of hours earlier before the smile in the sky, the police made a barricade 50 meters from my home. They were about to arrest some dangerous male who had called in that he was in possession of a gun and a machinegun. The police shot a couple of flashes, or tear gas, into the apartment he was hiding in under 100 meters away from my home. The police operation took about two hours before the suspect was finally arrested.

Gangster arrested same day UFO shows up

I have seen a lot of traffic with people related to groups supporting Hells Angels. They come and go in several apartments in the area and pose a great burden to their surroundings, especially to me!

Since I had some clashes with those people in the early 80s, while I was teenager, they have continued to harass me and everyone I knew or talked to. One of their weapons is intensive fake news campaigns against my person, which is ongoing this day today. They can mess up a whole area where people think the worst about you because of these lying criminals.

So, it was a good thing for me that this entity was removed from society. Now the area was cleared for a very bad influence and the sky above responds with a smiley UFO. How can this not be related?

Original full resolution photo

Basic sighting data

  • Denmark, Odense, September 19th 2018 at 3.25 PM
  • Camera position: 55 24’16.82″ N – 10 22’18.93″ E
  • Canon EOS 60D DSLR with Canon f/4-5.6 / 70-300mm zoom lens
  • Compass direction: West 50-60 degrees up

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One thought on “Smiley UFO with scout fleet above Denmark

  1. As Asatru shaman I’ll call these spirits. I’ve seen the smiley face used by spirit twice before:
    First in a video on You Tube in which a Smiley Face kid’s balloon on its own ‘explores’ a garage entrance and driveway, even seems to ‘hide’ as a car passes by and the moves along – all recorded by a CCTV video camera, placed on the roof of the house, pointing towards the driveway.
    Second in a Regina Amazing Eyes ITC, done in one of her crystal balls. The reflection, inside the glass, at one angle displays a Smiley Face, and in other angles displays a cockpit with a humanoid pilot, seated inside a craft and thirdly a UFO-like vessel.
    Why would ET/spirit project themselves/itself as a Smiley Face? Well, to appear friendly, to signal ‘no enemy’, to communicate in the most simple way ‘hello : ) I come in peace’. Or as a message:
    ‘Smile!’, be merry and everything works better..
    Many reasons can be suggested, of course also deception, the exact opposite, appearing friendly to be able to ‘take over’ or ‘attack’. In fact I am positive towards the gods and higher spirits appearing as UFOs; they are able to appear as anything, to take on any shape possible – after all, they are made of energy. Electromagnetic or light energy, in theory and in all practicality relating to Quantum Physics.
    There are in infinite number of dimensions, and all dimensions, surrounded by psychic energy, are real. Emotional energy, combined with focus and in some situations shamanic extacy will provide a portal opening to another dimension. As everything is connected at an energy level, synchronicities will occur if triggered by an archetype being active, by the energy of the spiritual and mythological unconscious. UFOs and spirits, ghosts appearing, always carry a message. An analysis must therefore be made in each case, while thinking in the abstract, using intuition, combined with logic.
    Are there negative UFOs? Yes, Dark UFOs – small black disc-shaped ones, spiritual manifestations of Dark Energy, or negative Nature Spirits as I call them.
    Positive UFOs/spirits are light orbs or symbolic shapes, or manifestations observable as ITC images in the sky, in my analysis, based on experience.
    This is a field of course still in much need of exploration. So we must share information, the UFO community and the Paranormal community – perhaps not agreeing but yet considering each other, perhaps both being right in an ironic cosmic duality; consider that please – thank you.

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