Kurt Russell Phoenix Lights UFO sighting / memory loss

Kurt Russell´s Phoenix Lights UFO sighting and memory loss is about Kurt Russell´s experience with the Phoenix Lights. Phoenix Lights was a mass sighting that happened March 13, 1997 over Phoenix in Arizona. Kurt Russell was not the only civil pilot in the area then the lights came, but he was the only pilot who reported it. Strangely enough, he quickly forgot everything about the experience and for 20 years, UFO researchers did not know the identity of the unidentified pilot who reported the lights.

In April 2017, Kurt Russell brings his story in a BBC interview (see video above). Among other things, Kurt Russel mentions he had some sort of memory loss related to the incident.

Kurt Russell´s Phoenix Lights UFO sighting

Kurt Russell was flying in his airplane Bonanza Two Tango Sierra over Arizona with his son Oliver. While they were approaching an airfield in Phoenix, his son noticed 6 bright lights coming towards them over the airport. The objects were absolute uniform in a V-shape about a half mile out. He reported it to the tower, but the traffic control there could not see the objects on radar.

They landed routinely shortly after. After dropping off his son at the airport, Kurt took off again alone heading back to Los Angeles and nothing more happened. Both did not talk more about the UFO sighting after this and they forgot everything about it.

The unidentified pilot witness was Kurt Russell

Two years later, his son is watching a TV-show about UFOs with a piece about the Phoenix Lights. It was exactly that event they experienced and reported (and forgot) 2 years earlier.

In the TV-show, they talk about the unidentified civil pilot who was flying in his private aircraft with his son near an airport in Phoenix. They also mentioned the pilot spotted six lights in the night sky and reported it to the control tower.

And it is here Kurt Russell for the first time became aware, that the unidentified pilot must have been him. Since he was the only civil pilot in the area over Phoenix who reported the incident, the case was clear. After watching the TV-show with his son, he checked his logbooks, and there was the flight, at that time, but without a mention of the unidentified lights?

Collective memory loss after mass sighting

Kurt Russell was amazed about how this event could leave his mind and how he forgot everything about it. And that to me, he tells, was the weird part of it. Had he not seen this TV-show 2 years after the sighting, he would never have thought more about this again he told. But the even weirder part of this is, that they were not the only ones with the missing memory.

A panel of UFO experts discussed this case as part of a UFO conference in Scottsdale, Arizona 2017, where several hundred people attended. And there was a bizarre reaction to the sightings by a number of people. Some witnesses reported a temporary amnesia-like state, when immediately after seeing the phenomenon, they went blank or did not talk about this with anyone. Just like what Kurt Russell is telling us in the video above.

There seems to have been a collective memory loss here, but was it caused by the V-shaped craft? Somehow people forgot about the mastodont in the air shortly after they saw it. Kurt Russel and many others were indeed under some kind of thought-controlling influence. And since it was the V-shaped craft they forgot about, we must assume it was behind the mass memory loss.

The Universal Prime Directive in action?

They came here in a massive V-shaped craft the size of several football fields, according to witness testimonials. They flew over Arizona state and Phoenix city at low altitude, made everyone who saw them stunned. And after people had their 100 year UFO sighting, their memories about it was lost? Isn´t that strange?

Kurt Russell Phoenix Lights V-shaped craft UFO

Despite the prime directive is a term from the Star Wars movies, I think it is as real as it can be. You should not be allowed to fly around in the universe and make ground-shaking evolutionary changes in other world´s just because you fly over a populated area on a planet. There must be some rules here, there must be a universal prime directive.

These crafts, that could be AI controlled without crews, are most likely programmed to follow a protocol with prime directives on how to behave when visiting a planet. An important rule could be, that the life on a planet preferably should not be affected by their presence. And that it is preferred that the life remains unaware of the visit to ensure ZERO influence on future evolutionary developments on that planet. The best way to ensure this as painless as possible could be to block parts of peoples memories. What you do not know, you do not mind. A Universal Prime Directive is about being as non-influential as possible.

AI controlled robotic crawlers mapping the universe

A good explanation of the Phoenix Lights could be AI (artificial intelligence) controlled robotic “crawlers” sent out by other civilizations in space. They are used to map resources in the universe and can explore the universe forever. They do not need to fly back to base after each planet visit but continue to explore solar systems and planets while sending data back home.

It gives the sense, that instead of manually explore the universe, you create robots that can do it for you, as we do already. Someone out there probably sent out a whole fleet of spacecraft that can do research for them automatically. When the data comes home they can make their moves in the tail of these crawlers and travel to the most interesting places. The Phoenix Lights UFO Kurt Russel and others were exposed to, could have been such a crawler, visiting Earth making scans and mapping the life, fauna, geology etc.

It is all imagination, I can´t prove this but I think I am close to the reason behind Kurt Russel´s UFO sighting here…

All advanced civilizations are space explorers

We should expect to be visited over time by all kinds of robotic machinery in all kinds of sizes. We, humans, are already launching a lot of satellites, drones, and robots into space to explore it. And the same will other civilizations in space do as a natural part of life in space. If our planet was interesting for them, we may expect they come back someday…

The Phoenix Lights March 13, 1997

The Phoenix Lights was a mass UFO sighting which occurred over Phoenix, Arizona, and Sonora, Mexico on March 13, 1997. The lights were reported by thousands of people in a space of about 300 miles / 480 km, from Nevada through Phoenix to Tucson.

Please notice, that the lights seen in a CNN piece, was flares dropped by an A10 aircraft. The real lights that were seen by many were strangely not recorded on any device, none…

I also experienced memory loss after a sighting

Kurt Russell´s story reminds me about a sighting I had back in 2013. I was on a trip to a supposed UFO landing site and was prepared to shoot pics of movements in the sky. I had all my camera equipment with me, two DSLR cameras, tripod etc.

And then a potential UFO appeared, my first thought was not to zoom in on it and shoot pictures. Instead, I just took some “archive photos” of the sky without taking much notice of the strange craft right above me.

After the incident, I went home, transferred the images to my computer and did not think more about it. First 4 years later I looked through the photos and to my big surprise saw that I had photographed a flying saucer

I was solely there to shoot pics of strange crafts in the sky. Then it appeared I did not take notice? That was really really strange. Surely I was under some kind of thought control and had a complete memory loss subsequently, exactly as Kurt Russell had.

Phoenix Lights

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  1. There was a news report that Dr. Lynn d. K. Was not in phx at the time of the 1997 phx lights. But in her book she claims that she was ? Because of this fact she is not a credible witness to the march 13 1997 phx lights

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