NASA Space Shuttle UFO Video Archive

The NASA Space Shuttle UFO Video Archive represents a new level within ufology. High tech cameras moved into space as onboard surveillance on the orbiters. They were filming the daily life of the astronauts 24/7 from launch to touchdown. Everything was recorded, surprisingly also unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and a lot of anomalies. And it was all accessible through the orbiters video downlink that could be received by a satellite dish. One man took up the challenge and recorded 2500 hours.

NASA space shuttle UFO video archive

This one man was Martyn Stubbs. He was a TV and film editor through 25 years and manager in charge of a TV station in Vancouver with his own technical staff. He had the opportunity, the skills and the means to look through thousands of hours of recorded shuttle video almost frame by frame. And he did it, he created the NASA Space Shuttle UFO Video Archive.

NASA Space Shuttle UFO Video Archieve

The work with patiently recording all the live shuttle video transmissions, from mission STS-48 launched on September 12, 1991, to mission STS-80 launched on November 19, 1996, produced over 2500 hours of raw video footage. The transmissions were recorded on a professional VHS tape recorder which was perfect for the analyzing of scan fields in the frames of a videotape.

The NASA Space Shuttle UFO Video Archieve consists of mostly some DVD´s and Martyn Stubbs Youtube channel under the username secretnasaman. See the interview with Martyn Stubbs below where he tells about the archive and how it was created.

See the complete playlist with all videos from the interview above here

In the video above, in the very start of the video, you´ll see the first space phenomenon he found. It´s a phenomenon that is only visible in one of two scanfields of one video still-frame. So it is very fast. Only deeper in the frames, in the scan fields, they are visible. And he also found a spherical pulsating space phenomena in the video footage, which I cover further down this article.

2500 hours of raw video footage

CCTV cameras onboard the now retired space shuttles (orbiters) were always running and a raw live video feed were always broadcasting. It was accessible for anyone with a satellite dish and some technical knowledge. NASA may still have a copy of the broadcastings today, but they have never to this day publicized any of it. And they will probably never do.

But thanks to one man, TV & film editor Martyn Stubbs, we have a large collection of NASA shuttle UFO videos today. In total 2500 hours great CCTV footage with loads of unidentified flying objects and anomalies. He had his own dish and began recording on VHS cassette videos. He started the record on the countdown to launch and stopped the record again then the shuttle was at full stop on the runway. These 2500 hours represents the NASA Space Shuttle UFO Video Archieve.

If mr. Stubbs had not decided to record the orbiter live video streams between 1991 and 1996, where had it been now? Could it have been left unnoticed in a dusty multi-level basement and completely been erased from public mind now? Unfortunately, there is a sad tendency with historical and important UFO-related material as it happened with 40 rolls of film from the Apollo project.

Shuttle missions caught unidentified space objects on camera

In the 90s where NASA was busy building a space station with help from the space shuttles, we got a lot of video data to send home via CCTV cameras placed around the orbiters. From this point in space history (and the history of ufology), there were no turning back for UFO deniers. The UFO community now had another layer in ufology to show the public.

All shuttle missions caught unidentified space objects on camera, which came by frequently as curious observers watching man doing his small steps. Or they simply followed the shuttle at different distances while sometimes making thought-provoking patterns. A good example is the footage below where three spheres follows the orbiter for a quite long time.

Unfortunately, the video below has been taken down and the account terminated for some reason. Because of the copyright issue these UFO treasures disappears over time.

In above video, you´ll see three white spheres in a triangle formation following the space shuttle. The shuttle came under a 4½ hour long outside inspection because of this. NASA and the crew wanted to be sure nothing were missing, specially not the protective heat shield on the shuttle before going back to earth. They never found out the origin of the three white spheres.

Hubble Telescope repair mission STS-61

Mr. Stubbs recounts the Hubble space telescope repair mission STS-61. It was a very important mission and NASA had decided to make this their showcase mission. Mr. Stubbs was therefore naturally interested in this mission and would, contrary to all the other missions, follow this one on a daily basis.

The mission took 11 days and used up 36 VHS videotapes of 8 hours each. That is 288 hours of video to be looked through frame by frame. And from the very first moment then the first download came he said, he found the spherical phenomenon.

The spherical phenomenon

The spherical phenomenon is described as a round pulsating disc that shows up with a whitish tone. They all seem to have one or two markings, a small notch on the outer edge of the disc, which can shift place or go from one to two markings and back again.

The best example I can show you with the spherical phenomenon is in the famous NASA tether video below. The primary objective of STS-75 was to deploy a Tethered Satellite System Reflight (TSS-1R) into orbit. Mission scientists hoped to deploy the tether to a distance of 20.7 kilometers long but after a stretch of 19 kilometers into space the tether broke. They actually lost the satellite system. And while observing the tether wandering farther and farther away from the shuttle, strange things began to happen.


The 4 spherical discs below are the very same object that is seen moving from left to right in the tether video above starting at 3:44. The object does not turn around it´s own axis but simply transforms it´s shape, which is seen clearly in below four images.

Spherical object UFO discs serie.

The behavior of these space objects and the way they appear to us in the CCTV video footage defies reality of how things are expected to behave. I watched these objects from time to time over the years and recently something struck me…

Pulsating discs only visible from one particular angle?

It struck me that these space discs always seem to face the camera at one particular degree of angle!? If we say these objects are round on one side and flat on the other side, they could resemble a coin. So if you take a coin and put it flat down on the table in front of you, you only see one side of the coin. And that side of the coin would be the only degree of angle visible for you. This phenomenon seem not to show up or to be visible from for example the side at 90 degrees.

If you have ever seen those objects from the side or another angle, I would love to hear. This is either a special ability of the objects, which makes them kind of paranormal and defies reality. Or it have to be an optical illusion, since our view of the objects seem to be bound visually to only one particular degree of view. The tether video above shows what I mean in abundance.

Space footage is heavily saturated

One must remember that the tether footage is heavily saturated in an attempt to make the thin tether cable visible at a large distance. If not saturated, the tether would be unvisible in the footage. That means that all the spherical space objects also are saturated. So what we see here is not what it looks like in the real world. The saturation pumps up all obejcts in the footage with extreme high light intensity. That is also why the 19 km long tether cable shows up as a relatively thick stick at a distance.

Icebergs in space 3 mile wide?

Another problem I have found is, that there seem to be a size issue here! Sometimes the spherical phenomenon seem to be small, other times they seem to be 3 miles wide? As it was particularly evident in the tether video above, the objects NASA calls “debris” or “ice crystals”, went behind the 12 miles long tether and it was seen at a distance of 81 nautical miles. You could easily calculate the size of this space pheomenon using the tether as a yardstick. If you do that, you´ll find it to be around 3 miles wide. Ice crystals at that size would be space icebergs…

Spherical object behind the tether

Spherical UFO phenomenon length.

From 3:44 in the tether video above, you have a lot of spherical objects flying around near and possibly behind the tether. When the camera zooms out at 4:12 in the video, we watch hte whole scenery in a new perspective.

Unknown objects materializes out of nowhere

The new perspective beginning from 4:12 in the video, shows a chaotic scenery with a whole swarm of unknown objects, all with their own course. The most of them are now seen as just pulsating objects. Few discs still visible as discs. And if you look closely at the particular part in the video from 4:12, you will discover that some objects just blinks on. You do not see those coming in from left or right, top or bottom, they simply materializes out of nowhere in the footage.

How they do that is the next question? While I was working towards a dust-based theory for some of the objects seen in the tether video, other objects seem not to be as easy to explain. How can they blink on and off?

Throughout Mr. Stubbs space shuttle UFO video archive, the spherical phenomenon is typically seen as transparent. Some of them have low light intensity, others have high light intensity. Could this difference between them be a sign that these objects independently and intelligently can choose to increase or decrease their brightness? This could in spite of it is a strange conclusion, explain how and why they can blink on and off. Or maybe it is because of different levels of saturation?

Particles from the tether cable fracture?

The dust-based theory is a convenient explanation that could shed some light of what happened in the tether footage above. I do not know what materials the tether antenna is made of exactly. But I assume the fracture caused a burst of particles that went out in space together with the tether. These particles would have been in a zone between the shuttle and the tether. What we actually see in the footage, apart from some objects, is dust particles originating from the tether cable fracture it self.

I have no clue what the other objects can be? And the spherical objects are not the only ones in Martyn Stubbs many videos. There are also objects seen sniffing around the space shuttle, move over the hull, around, up and down independtly and intelligently. Indeed, a laser has been used as a kind of scan from one unknown object near the space shuttle. There is a lot of interesting material in the NASA UFO video archive.

The second space phenomena

Martyn Stubbs has been TV and film editor for 25 years. He spend hours each day looking at high speed video tapes and reviewing peoples programs. And as a manager in charge of a TV station in Vancouver, he had his own technical staff.

And he began consulting this staff in an attempt to get them to destroy his discoveries related to the second space phenomena (not the spherical phenomenon). The second space phenomena is for example the red light seen in the very first part of this video (the interview). Or take a look at the above video (NASA UFOs : the 2nd space phenomena). And he wanted the staff to tell him that someone could fake this. But in the end, his discovery seemed to hold water.

Then he took the sample and showed it to the scientific community – to a think-tank, a behavioural lab, a physcisists and an astrophyscisists. Some of them humored him a little in the start, but in the end of their meetings, they had their hands on the controls, they were running up to the screen, and they were holding meetings.

They broke the entire pixelization process down he said, and found it was still there…

Martyn Stubbs and the NASA UFO video archive

It is clear that Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO video archive does not only contain dust particles. The archive contains a whole range of different anomalies in space. There is a lot to investigate here. Mr. Stubbs had contact to some people in the science community inside and around NASA. But what they are doing with this material is untold.

We are left behind with a gold mine of UFO material that represent a milestone in the history of ufology. Today NASA is much more conservative with their broadcastings. Sometimes you can be lucky to see strange things in their video feeds. But as soon the mission control center discovers anomalies in those feeds, they typically shut it down or point the camera in another direction.

NASA´s mission control center are well aware of all the unknown anomalies seen on their large screens. You can not ignore this on such a large screen. But NASA has never told the public about these anomalies in space. NASA (Never A Straight Answer) have always been very quiet about these things. We may not expect anything from their side.

But we have Mr. Stubbs NASA space shuttle UFO video archive on our hands, please bookmark this.

NASA UFO video archive compilations

To prevent you from drowning in all his small video clips on his Youtube channel, someone made four short compilations showing off some of the space anomalies from the NASA UFO video archive.

Martyn Stubbs DVD´s for sale (titles)

  • Secret NASA Transmissions – Smoking Gun (DVD)
  • Nasa UFO Footage (DVD)
  • The Secret NASA Transmissions – The Smoking Gun, Complete Research Edition (DVD)

Also see Martyn Stubbs at an International UFO Conference.

Additional resources.

The space vacuum seem to be pretty much alive. There is the spherical phenomenon, there is the second phenomena and a lot of moving objects seen at the distance. There are the pulsating objects that maybe are the spherical phenomenon just seen at the distance? Well, now you know the NASA UFO video archive exists…

Image credit (top picture): NASA

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