Cigar-shaped UFO and airplane in Sun halo

Cigar-shaped UFO and airplane in a Sun halo are one of my best UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon) photos. It was captured while shooting some pictures of a Sun halo above Denmark on October 9, 2009. It was at 01.37 pm local time Odense city. I did not see this craft during the photography! But unknowingly, I got my very first photo of cigar-shaped UFO.

Cigar-shaped UFO and airplane in Sun halo

The popular term for this type is normally cigar-shaped UFO. But after some heavy image processing in Adobe Photoshop, the shape of this craft seems to be more straight-lined, like a cylinder! It looks like it has a little bend on top to the left. It has nice rounding´s in both ends. It is actually more in the shape of a large pressure tank. You will see that further down the article.

The picture above is a cropped version of the original photo processed with Auto Tone in Adobe Photoshop to sharpen it.

Massive Sun Halo in the sky

It all happened on a day the sky was covered with a thin veil of high altitude clouds, cluttered with remnants of aviation contrails from air traffic. Around 1.30 pm, I looked out my window in a westerly direction. Up to my left in a southern direction, I saw this massive halo around the Sun. The picture below shows the halo in grayscale.

Sun halo

Since it was the first time I had the opportunity to shoot photos of a Sun halo with my new DSLR camera, I hurtled down to our backyard, attached the camera on a tripod and took 8 pictures with short intervals. I was quickly blinded by the Sun and my photo session was quickly settled. I did see the airplane but not the cigar-shaped UFO during the photography.

Cigar-shaped UFO fly-by photos

When my eye vision was normalized again, I checked the Sun Halo photos. On one photo out of eight, a cigar-shaped visitor reveals itself together with a commercial airplane in a marvelous sight with the Sun halo as background. I saw the aircraft and zoomed in to shoot some photos of that particularly, and it was in one of those photos I got the cigar-shaped UFO.

Cigar-shaped UFO (grayscale / magnification)

Despite the fact that it passed in front of the camera while shooting one of the photos, a faintly luminous object that easily fell in with the background, had in any case been difficult to discern visually. When you look at the Sun, you are immediately blinded. So to see this whitish craft fly-by just above the Sun, would any day be difficult to see.

Before I take a photo I always use the viewfinder to see what I am photographing. I looked through the viewfinder while shooting the pictures of the airplane but I do not remember that I saw any cigar-shaped object.

It is obvious in the photo that this is not a high altitude vessel. Instead, it seems to be relatively close to the ground way below the aircraft above. I sense that this vehicle is in the size of a large submarine but it´s only a guess.

Dark streak behind the cigar-shaped UFO?

Have you noticed the dark streak to the right of the cigar-shaped UFO? If this is caused by the visitor itself I do not know? I have seen those dark streaks (or shadows) in other pictures and videos. I believe those must be real and maybe engine-related. Perhaps we see an indication of a propulsion agent here that leaves a shadow behind the object? This could maybe be caused by the interaction with the air around the cigar-shaped craft, radiating a hidden force? It does not look like an ordinary contrail left by an airplane.

Unfortunately, I have no indications of flight direction since I only have one photo. I assume it flies either left or right but that is of course based on the aerodynamic principle. Difficult to imagine this craft flying away or towards the camera.

From cigar-shaped to pressure tank UFO?

I can easily imagine a cigar-shaped object when I see this visitor in the distance. But when you zoom in, a bit different shape than a cigar appears. Cigars come in many different shapes and the vessel in my pictures does not fit any of those!

Cigar-shaped or pressure tank UFO

After some heavy image processing in Photoshop to clarify the object as clear as possible, I got the gray-scale result you see above. The cigar-shaped UFO seems more to resemble a pressure tank shape but with a little indentation on top on the left side. Based on the nature and the size of this craft it could be an alien mothership passing by. See this example of a pressure tank made in steel and this drawing of a tank with spherical ends.

Own source of light or field?

There is a concentration of light in a line along this vessel from end to end despite the sunshine from behind and below. I assume a commercial airplane would be dark on the side pointing away from the sunshine. The cigar-shaped UFO should also be relatively dark on the side pointing away from the sunshine. At least it should not have indications of higher light intensity where it should be darkest. But the unidentified flying object here seems to have its own source of light (or field) even when bathed in sunlight.

Cigar-shaped UFO disappears in less than 8 seconds

The fifth photo in the series I take at 13:37:12 pm shows the passing cigar-shaped UFO with the upper part of the Sun halo visible. The next photo I take at ‏‎13:37:20 pm 8 seconds later shows the halo in full view, but here the unidentified flying object is nowhere to be seen. Below left, you have a preview of the original photo with the unknown visitor. Below right you have the halo in full view.

So, in less than 8 seconds, this cigar-shaped UFO manages to move completely out of my cameras field of view. A jet fighter in full speed could pass the area in the same altitude as the unknown object in less than 4 seconds. The 8 seconds is still very fast, too fast for an airship. Under any circumstances, it would have been visible on the sixth photo in the series 8 seconds later.

Balloon or airship?

A balloon or airship would have been on most of the 8 photos. My photo session was ended after only a few minutes and I would have seen a balloon in the sky if there was one. I was blinded by the Sun, yes, but not totally blind, and was able to see both the halo and the airplane while photographing. There were absolutely no balloons in the sky that day.

Cloud manifestation or lens flare?

A cloud cannot condensate and manifest to what we see here and disappear again in such a short time frame (16 seconds). Unbelievable things can form in the sky based on condensation (thickening) in meteorological sense, but not so fast.

Contrail solar lens flare

A lens flare caused by the Sun is relative transparent (if not too close to the Sun in the photo). The vessel in this article is not transparent in any way. I found a good example to compare with, in the above picture. It is a solar lens flare that actually looks a bit like the cigar-shaped UFO. This flare is transparent and you can see the contrail through it.

Based on the fact that I had the camera on a tripod pointing towards the same spot with only a minor change to the angle, it cannot be an optical reflection or lens flare. They would have been visible in all the photos probably.

Cigar-shaped/pressure tank vessel with extraterrestrial origin?

The fact that it was not in DSC04332.JPG but 8 seconds later clearly visible in DSC04333.JPG and 8 seconds later in DSC04334.JPG its gone again make me go hmm? The apparent fly-by is so fast that the airship theory is gone too.

And the strange higher light intensity where it should be darkest?

An alien vessel with extraterrestrial origin indeed becomes a reasonable explanation. The extraterrestrial presence is not new to me and my website here is proof for that. If you ask me, I would say this is probably an alien vessel with extraterrestrial origin.

Other cigar-shaped UFOs

I think I first learned the terminology cigar-shaped UFO through the reading of some George Adamski books in the 80´s. Later I went on the internet searching after videos and found a film from 1967 that shows a so-called cigar-shaped UFO hovering?

I also found the video from Salida in Colorado. It was a piece of footage recorded on August 27, 1995, with a so-called cigar-shaped UFO hovering high in the sky.

I was lucky again to capture a similar cigar-shaped elongated craft on still photography in both 2012 and 2017. Read about the alien mothership with flying saucers and scout fleet from 2012, which by the way probably re-appeared in 2017 in the UAP gallery

This event was also mentioned here Show me a picture of a UFO

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