Strange UFO daylight photo reveals mysterious object with reflections and shadows

Strange UFO daylight photo reveals a mysterious object with reflections and shadows that is hard to decipher visually. First I see a part of a flying saucer-like object, not really with a perfect round disc but with an elevation casting a shadow to the left. And when I look closer it becomes more difficult to distinguish what is what. There is something up there with reflections, probably from sunlight, and it casts a shadow. The image was captured in Denmark on May 25, 2017, at ‏‎02.40 PM local time above Odense city (map).

Strange UFO daylight photo

The UFO daylight photo above is a cropped and magnified version of the original image (see number 4) processed with Auto Contrast and Brightness filters in Adobe Photoshop. The photo is part of a larger collection of photos taken inside a secluded pasture where I had a creature sighting the day before on May 24, 2017. And it was in relation to that sighting I went back to the site again on May 25th with my Canon EOS 60D DSLR camera with standard Canon 18-75mm zoom lens attached.

UFO daylight photo reveals flying saucer with dark field behind?

The object in the UFO daylight photo really looks like a flying saucer to me, or a part of it, where some of the vessel has vanished into a dark field or shadow behind it. The flying saucer is the bright spot or reflection I see as the fuselage with a dome on top that casts a shadow towards left.

UFO daylight photo reveals mysterious object

Since the Sun shines from the right side the dome cast a shadow to the left side. Some of the fuselage of the mysterious object lay in shadow. Rest of the object leftward seem to just disappear into a dark field or shadow behind. But can I trust what I see?

Mysterious object with reflections and shadows

In reality, I can´t figure out what I am looking at? It does not look like a cloud manifestation. It does not really look like an insect either. The light reflected back from the mysterious object is of such size and intensity that I don´t think it can be a small insect.

UFO with two reflections

When I take the UFO daylight photo and make a calculation in Adobe Photoshop using Exclusion with red and gray channels, the mysterious object appears slightly different as seen below. The so-called “field” is smaller but still visible behind the object but different. So there is still something behind the UFO but the flying saucer concept is difficult to see now. It now looks more like two round objects close to each other.

UFO with two reflections

The two dark spots are the same sunlight reflections as seen in the other pictures above. It is just more outlined in the calculation and it looks like we have a UFO with two clear reflections.

Two faint lights or reflections also seen in next photo taken

And in the next photo IMG_5993 (see number 6) taken 4 seconds later (see below) actually shows a faint object in the fog of clouds nearby the first position. It also has two reflections or light sources.

UFO with two reflections (or light sources)

If I magnify above picture this object gets blurred in the image. The mystery is difficult to solve. Maybe it is not a flying saucer teleporting into our world and maybe not an extraterrestrial alien vehicle observing mankind. But very strange things are happening according to the photos and pictures here. The mysterious object is still a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object).

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