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Massive UFO / UAP photo sighting gallery (page 1) links to 9 high resolution photos each with related objects shown in the galleries below. This document relates to its main article Massive UFO / UAP photo sighting gallery

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  • IMG_5985 (2 objects)
  • IMG_5986 (1 object)
  • IMG_5987 (2 objects)
  • IMG_5988 (6 objects)
  • IMG_5989 (10 objects)
  • IMG_5990 (8 objects)
  • IMG_5991 (8 objects)
  • IMG_5992 (4 objects)

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Massive UFO / UAP photo sighting gallery

IMG_5984: Elongated UFO and condensing droplet-shaped vessel

May 25th 2017 at 02.39.14 PM (HI-RES)
IMG_5984 object 1 (elongated UFO)

The obvious problem with photos like these taken outside in nature is insects. The elongated UFO here could give associations of an insect. There is a blurred area of pixels on top of this object. If those are insect wings I don´t know. In the second and last image below, it looks like this object is divided into several sections.

IMG_5984 object 2 (condensing droplet-shaped vessel)

This UAP is interesting. I describe it as a condensing droplet-shaped vessel because fog seems to come out of the bottom. That is seen clearly in the second picture below. In the last picture below, it looks like fog (or a cloud) encircles the vessel.

IMG_5985: Clear spherical object

May 25th 2017 at ‏‎02:39:16 PM (HI-RES)
IMG_5985 object 2 (clearly outlined spherical object)

A clear spherical object, round black weather balloon or clear sign of the UAP..? There is a clearly outlined and defined sphere here, no doubt about that…

IMG_5986: Repeating UFO?

May 25th 2017 at ‏‎02:39:16 PM (HI-RES)
IMG_5986 object 1 (Same elongated UFO as in IMG_5984?)

I wonder if this elongated UFO is the same object as in IMG_5984? It seems to have something sticking out on each side in the middle. Looks like there is a crossbar penetrating the vessel. Some kind of attachment is there clearly.

IMG_5987: Undefined UAP

May 25th 2017 at ‏‎02:39:18 PM (HI-RES)
IMG_5987 object 2 (Undefined object with double magnification)

This UAP is quite small in the image and is difficult to describe. It is undefined. I suspect this object to repeat itself later in a different perspective in the galleries here. ###

IMG_5988: Cylindrical UFO with attachments

May 25th 2017 at ‏‎‏‎02:39:32 PM (HI-RES)
IMG_5988 object 4 (Cylindrical UFO with attachments)

Another interesting unidentified flying object. I sense a cylindrical shape with a “wing” below to the left and some attachments on top. The vessel here has maybe been photographed again in a later photo sighting I had on August 20, 2017, but I am not 100% sure. Read more here Cylindrical UFO emitting strange field (daylight photo)

IMG_5989: Clear spherical object, “oyster” UFO and UAP with smoke/fog-tail

May 25th 2017 at ‏‎02:39:32 PM (HI-RES)
IMG_5989 object 2 (Clear spherical object)

A clear spherical object, round black weather balloon or clear sign of the UAP..?

IMG_5989 object 4 (“Oyster” UFO)

This UFO reminds me of an oyster. It has a light fuselage that is cut through across by a black dark area. I wonder if the dark area is a large windows section? You will see this object again in the galleries here. It also repeats itself in other photos here on site.

IMG_5989 object 5 (UAP with tail of smoke/fog)

On top of this UAP, a cloud-like curved tail of smoke or fog seems to leave the object towards the right. The fog stands out pretty sharp in the picture and rules out insect wings. The object also seems to have the shape of a droplet as seen in the second and fifth picture below. Maybe the same as object 2 in IMG_5984, since both ejects condense/fog!

IMG_5990: Three sphere UFOs and strange aerial phenomenon

May 25th 2017 at ‏‎‏‎02:39:38 PM (HI-RES)
IMG_5990 object 3 (Three sphere UFOs)

This is interesting. I have shown you some spheres already above, but now they are together in a row. Furthermore, there seem to be smoke or fog coming out on top of these spherical objects. It looks that way I think. I have seen this before back in 2011. Four spheres with smoke coming out. They were not moving but the smoke seemed to blow away from me, leaving a trail behind the spheres, like they were flying towards me. But they did not. It was not a live sighting, but a vision, the forerunner to contact.

Read more here Sphere UFO cluster emitting ectoplasm or condensation?

IMG_5990 object 5 (strange aerial phenomenon)

This strange little thing is difficult to define. I do not know what kind of “device” this is? Notice the two black spots on the object in the last image. It’s like some of it just disappears in the pixels.

IMG_5991: Pyramid UFO, strange UAP and short vertical cylinder

May 25th 2017 at 02:39:38 PM (HI-RES)
IMG_5991 object 3 (Pyramid UFO)

Also an interesting object. This UFO seems to be pyramid shaped and there is something sticking out at the bottom. In the middle, there seems to be a dome.

IMG_5991 object 5 (Weird UAP)

This strange UAP could maybe be the same as object 3 in IMG_5990 (Three sphere UFOs)? It seems to be spheres, with a smoke-tail going upwards behind the two visible objects. But it depends on the eyes who see. This vessel is also mentioned here: Sphere UFO cluster emitting ectoplasm or condensation?

IMG_5991 object 7 (short vertical cylinder)

A short vertical cylinder with a dark spot in the middle. If you look at the second picture below, notice the cloud-like fog on the left side of the object. And notice the “row of white pearls” that comes out from this fog, goes beneath the object and upon its right side. Again, it depends on the eyes who see.

IMG_5992: Undefined UAP

May 25th 2017 at ‏‎02:39:42 PM (HI-RES)
IMG_5992 object 4 (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon)

A good example of the UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon), which is too abstract to define as a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). Two cloud-like spheres with something dark behind them. Could this be a meteorological phenomenon?

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  1. I got 4 pics of a uap naked eye it looked like a cylinder pics it looks rectangle my wife and I caught craft while driving where do I send the pics

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