Horseshoe-shaped UFO (unidentified flying object)

Horseshoe-shaped UFO (unidentified flying object) is a little strange thing in my photo. It looks horseshoe-shaped to me but it depends on the eyes who see. I did not see it during the photography so I do not know if it was moving or hovering. The UFO was captured on photo in Denmark on May 25, 2017, above Odense city at 3.08 pm local time.

Horseshoe-shaped UFO (unidentified flying object)

The unedited but cropped and magnified version above reveals a light-shadow relation pretty clear. It is light on the top and dark on the bottom. And you may see the horseshoe shape too. The below picture shows exactly the same horseshoe UFO as above but has been further magnified and processed with Auto Tone in Adobe Photoshop.

Horseshoe-shaped UFO

The Auto Tone filter makes the sky background very grainy but draws up the object very nice. But the exact shape is difficult to see. It looks horseshoe-shaped in rough features but it depends on the point of view.

The pictures here originates from a photo investigation inside a secluded pasture where I had a creature UFO sighting on May 24. And because of that UFO sighting, I decided to visit the site again on May 25. I had my Canon EOS 60D DSLR camera with me and it produced 173 images and this UFO gallery with 43 hi-res UFO photos.

Horseshoe-shaped UFO did not come alone

The horseshoe-shaped UFO was not alone but accompanied by other objects in the sky. One spherical object, one unknown shape, and one elongated shape. The elongated shape appears to have white wings exactly as the strange flying creature, I saw the day before the same place. They are all faint objects but they are there. See the original image (see number 3).

Illustration UFOs and insects maybe

The horseshoe-shaped UFO appears to stand out relatively clear in relation to the other objects in the above picture.

The horseshoe UFO footage from South Corea

A good example of a horseshoe-shaped UFO would be the footage from supposed South Corea. If the footage is real I can´t say, but it looks real to me. It is an interesting object that rotates inflight which causes incredible patterns for the observer.

The video above should be the raw footage featuring the horseshoe-shaped UFO spotted over Busan, South Korea. The unidentified flying object is seen accelerating and at the end of the video traveling at incredibly fast speed.

Basic photo-sighting data

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7 thoughts on “Horseshoe-shaped UFO (unidentified flying object)

  1. Cool pictures. I love your site. im an engineering student. I was wondering do you think that the horseshoe ufos use the same circular propulsion methods as the round saucer ufos?

    1. I don´t think shape of object plays a role when you have anti gravity systems. You could take an asteroid and make it to a spaceship with that kind of technology.

      Thx for your comment !

  2. Doesn’t move as fast or hover like the one I saw. I really think that someone should set up a false airforce base to attract their attention with cameras recording the skies. This was done with huge balloons imitating air craft during the Second World War in an attempt to give the German’s a false impression. Balloons to imitate nuclear facilities on site would also help magnify the false impression.

  3. I saw a hovering horseshoe shaped thing bright white stay in one position then with the ends pointed forward zoomed away so fast it was just gone.

    1. Looks pretty much like a balloon tumbling around in the wind…

      But the mass UFO sighting over New York also had a fleet of 3 “tumbling balloons”, that in the end stretched out in a wide triangle formation. Magnetic field clearly in action here:

  4. Sorry to dissapoint folk but it is a metallic object about 30 to 40 feet long. Was spotted over Glasgow at a height of about 400ft. Flying against the wind. So its not a balllon it is a controlled object. Like most folk it was seen very well. But camera didnt have a zoom lens on it. So like everyone not a great pic. But the pic is irellivant as only proves what was seen.

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