Massive UFO / UAP photo sighting gallery (page 2)

Massive UFO / UAP photo sighting gallery (page 2) links to 8 high resolution photos each with related objects shown in galleries. This document relates to its main article Massive UFO / UAP photo sighting gallery.

  • IMG_5993 (6 objects)
  • IMG_5994 (5 objects)
  • IMG_6006 (5 objects)
  • IMG_6007 (7 objects)
  • IMG_6008 (4 objects)
  • IMG_6009 (3 objects)
  • IMG_6013 (4 objects)
  • IMG_6014 (1 object)

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Massive UFO / UAP photo sighting gallery

IMG_5993: Spherical object

May 25th 2017 at ‏‎02:39:42 PM (HI-RES)
IMG_5993 object 1

The spherical object here has some parallels to the sphere UFOs from Lanzarote. There is also a dark area on this one, on its left side, like if there were a window or opening. It looks pretty much like a sphere, but the pixels around it can cheat the eye.

IMG_5994: Strange flying creature and small undefined UAP

May 25th 2017 at ‏‎‏‎02:39:42 PM (HI-RES)
IMG_5994 object 1 (Strange flying creature)

The strange flying creature was the actual forerunner for the galleries here. I saw it live on May 24th 2017 and went back to the site the day after on May 25th and caught it on one photo. And that one photo is what you see here. Read more about this UFO sighting in the article Strange flying creature caught on DSLR photography

IMG_5994 object 4 (Small undefined UAP)

Besides the weird flying creature above, four other objects were visible in the photo. They are all very small in the image. But object 4 had some details worth to show. There is a black area and below that there is something that goes across horizontal. Since I took so many pictures, some objects may repeat itself.

IMG_6006: Clear spherical object

May 25th 2017 at ‏‎‏‎‏‎02:41:24 PM (HI-RES)
IMG_6006 object 1

Another sphere UFO clearly outlined and defined…

IMG_6007: Elongated UFO and undefined object

May 25th 2017 at ‏02:41:28 PM (HI-RES)
IMG_6007 object 1 (Elongated UFO)

Elongated straight UFO with some attachments on top. Looks like there is something white coming out from the object below in one end to the right. There is no clear sign of insect wings here. Just an elongated straight shape.

IMG_6007 object 4 (Undefined object)

Undefined UAP which is difficult to discern. Looks like it has some straight edges.

IMG_6007 object 5 (Strange UAP)

This is a strange one. This UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) seem to have two ends with dark spots. The structure of this thing seems to be a “tube” that has a secondary “tube” sticking out on its right side. I get associations of a cloned merged object.

I also wondered if this was an insect. But an object that seems to be far away in the photo and yet clear enough to see its shape when magnified, is not a typical hint of an insect. They are visible in the photo if they are relatively close to the optics, but not if they are far away. Far away insects are simply not visible in the photography.

IMG_6008: Strange UFO and abstract UAP

May 25th 2017 at ‏‎02:41:30 PM (HI-RES)
IMG_6008 object 1 (Strange UFO)

Strange UFO in 45 degrees tilt that could give some associations of an insect. But this “insect” lays on its back as I see it and have no wings. The blurred pixels around this object indicating possible insect wings are missing.

IMG_6008 object 4 (Abstract UAP)

Another more abstract UAP I first assumed was an insect. But the blurred pixels indicating insect wings are missing here also. There seems to be a straight edge sticking out at the end of this elongated object to the right. A small bird maybe?

IMG_6009: Strange vertical shape, white sphere and “oyster” UFO

May 25th 2017 at ‏‎‏‎02:41:32 PM (HI-RES)
IMG_6009 object 2 (Strange vertical shape)

This strange object is the same in below image (with object 2 and 3) to the left. It seems to stand upright vertical in the air. From the distance, it looks like it is a rectangular shape. But when you get closer, it is a more uneven shape that is difficult to define. There is a white spot on the lower part of this UFO. If it is light that is emitted I don´t know. It could maybe be the same cloud condensing phenomenon seen with several other objects in the galleries here? Important to know here is, that this object is up in the clouds and partly hiding in the fog. Image processing made it clear in the image to some extent. But it´s in the clouds and must be relatively large. This is clearly no insect. I think the best question to ask here is what kind of machinery is up there?

IMG_6009 object 3 (White sphere UFO with black windows)

White sphere UFO with black windows is how I chose to describe this object. If the black area is windows I cannot know, but what should it else be? An opening that is darkened while pointing towards the Sun? Something protects against the sunlight, because why is it darkened? This vessel is also hiding partly in the clouds and must be a relatively small object.

Read more about object 2 and 3 here: Sphere UFO with tinted windows and strange vertical companion

IMG_6009 object 4 (Oyster UFO)

It looks like the same “oyster” UFO from previous gallery page 1 (see IMG_5989 object 4). It is not the best picture I have here with this type of vessel. I have other pics with exactly this one in other photos here on site.

IMG_6013: Spherical object and double sphere UAP

May 25th 2017 at ‏‎02:42:04 PM (HI-RES)
IMG_6013 object 2 (Spherical object)

Another clearly outlined and defined spherical object.

IMG_6013 object 3 (Double sphere UAP)

Looks like a double sphere or two cloned/merged spheres.

IMG_6014: Black Triangle UFO

May 25th 2017 at ‏‎‏‎02:42:10 PM (HI-RES)
IMG_6014 object 1

Did I really catch a fly here? As I see it, this UFO is up in the clouds and much larger than a fly. Looks like a black triangle.

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