Massive UFO / UAP photo sighting gallery (page 4)

Massive UFO / UAP photo sighting gallery (page 4) links to 7 high resolution photos each with related objects shown in galleries. This document relates to its main article Massive UFO / UAP photo sighting gallery.

  • IMG_6038 (2 objects)
  • IMG_6041 (8 objects)
  • IMG_6042 (9 objects)
  • IMG_6043 (7 objects)
  • IMG_6044 (7 objects)
  • IMG_6052 (13 objects)
  • IMG_6053 (5 objects)

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Massive UFO / UAP photo sighting gallery

IMG_6038: Spherical object

May 25th 2017 at 03:06:08 PM (HI-RES)
IMG_6038 object 1

A spherical object in the sky…

IMG_6041: Elongated UFOs

May 25th 2017 at 03:06:22 PM (HI-RES)
IMG_6041 object 2 (Elongated UAP)

Elongated UAP in the distance. When I chose the UAP term it is because the object, or phenomenon, is difficult to define. If there were a clear outline, a fuselage, I would use the UFO term. But this one was first assumed by me to be an insect, but after a closer look, this object seems not to be an insect. And it was strange enough to show it here.

IMG_6041 object 3 (Elongated UFO with fog drifting off)

Elongated UFO with fog drifting off is another unknown vessel that seems to emit fog. As seen in the negatives (third and sixth image below), there is clearly some fog or smoke drifting off the object on top of it. This is what I see.

IMG_6042: Mysterious cloud phenomenon and elongated UFO with probe

May 25th 2017 at 03:06:24 PM (HI-RES)
IMG_6042 object 3 (Mysterious cloud phenomenon)

This mysterious cloud phenomenon is what makes these galleries interesting to make. In the unedited version and the blue contrast/brightness versions, it is just a little white puff of a cloud. But when you study the negatives (third and sixth images below) it is another story. It actually looks like this cloud is coming out of something behind it that is only visible in the negatives.

Read more about this one here: UFO cloud creator photo indicates controlled condensation by mysterious object

IMG_6042 object 7 (Elongated UFO with probe)

Elongated UFO with spherical object nearby that could maybe be a probe related to the larger vessel. There is another and better picture later in the galleries that also show an elongated vessel with the supposed probe.

IMG_6043: UFO, strange elongated UAP and unknown vessel

May 25th 2017 at 03:06:26 PM (HI-RES)
IMG_6043 object 1 (UFO)

This UFO looks like a hat or helmet upside down and tilted about 45 degrees.

IMG_6043 object 2 (Strange elongated UAP)

Elongated UAP that shows up a little strange. It is in the distance and difficult to see. The strange thing is the white spot on it that looks like a small egg-shaped sphere.

IMG_6043 object 6 (Unknown vessel)

Nothing exciting to see here, just an elongated unknown vessel in the distance in front of an aviation contrail.

IMG_6044: Small UAP and spherical object

May 25th 2017 at ‏‎03:06:28 PM (HI-RES)
IMG_6044 object 1 (Small UAP)

Small UAP that seem to be round with two dark spots on it.

IMG_6044 object 7 (Spherical object)

An object that seems to spherical, maybe egg-shaped.

IMG_6052: Clear sign of alien activity

May 25th 2017 at 03:08:00 PM (HI-RES)
IMG_6052 object 13

This is one of the rewards for all the hard work looking through so many pictures. This is a clear sign of alien activity. This is obviously not ours. We do not have aircraft like these. On its left side there seem to be two dark spots. And it gives me associations of another object in IMG_5990 (object 5 – strange aerial phenomenon) seen on gallery page 1. Read more about this one here Mystery UFO flying in the distance (photos)

IMG_6053: Object with three spheres docked and strange elongated UFO

May 25th 2017 at 03:08:02 PM (HI-RES)
IMG_6053 object 2 (Strange elongated UFO)

Another strange object that is different in relation to other elongated UFOs in the galleries. It can best be described as a shaver upside down. The object is divided into two sections. One section is oblique at 45 degrees. At the end at the top, there is a more horizontal oval-shaped section. Read more here: Elliptical dome UFO with elongated structure

IMG_6053 object 3 (Object with three spheres docked)

An unknown object in the distance that seems to have three additional objects docked. This reminds me of another UFO with spheres docked. Look after Object A in DSC00520 (Ecliptic sphere with three white spheres docked) in the F16 jet fighter UAP gallery

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