Aircraft exhaust suddenly stops mid-air?

Aircraft exhaust suddenly stops mid-air above Odense city in Denmark on April 24, 2010, at 7.41 pm local time. Both the contrail and the aircraft was photographed.

Contrail exhaust suddenly stops mid-air

The aircraft was a double jet engine probably commercial airplane that was heading north-east. The aircraft continued with a very short contrail until I could not see it anymore.

Aircraft contrail exhaust suddenly stops mid-air?

The weather conditions above the city were apparently dry with low humidity since the aircraft´s contrail suddenly became very short. I don´t know if the city below that has emitted heat all day long could cause the air high in the atmosphere to be dry? Is it the so-called urban ‘heat island’ effect we are seeing here? Well, I suspect that could be one of the reasons why the aircraft exhaust suddenly stops expanding above the south-western outskirts of the city.

Aircraft with very short contrail

I believe this was an ordinary commercial flyover without any evil intentions other than spraying our skies with water (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), and other chemicals.

Aircraft exhaust photo gallery

Additional information

Since I have shot over 7000 photos of clouds and contrails (and still shooting), I intend to show some of my most interesting and best DSLR photos here on site. Some of it may be kind of boring stuff but I share it anyway.

See the weather history for Denmark (Vojens-Skrydstrup Air Base) on April 24, 2010

Camera used: Sony A-100 DSLR with a standard 18-75mm zoom lens

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