Largest UAP photo gallery accomplished

The largest UAP photo gallery I have ever done is finally accomplished. It all started on May 24th 2017 then I had a UFO sighting in Denmark, Odense city. A strange flying cretaure was seen and that event made me investigate the site of the sighting the next day with my camera. That produced 173 images and some of those revealed UFO / UAP activity.

Largest UAP photo gallery

This is the largest UAP photo gallery I have made so far. It has been under way for nearly a year now. The gallery shows a lot of small spherical objects but in between those there are some bigger objects. I think this must be of interest for the UFO community!

And it is a good example of how DSLR photography today can reveal objects that before DSLR technology arrived was only dots in the photo. Now you can zoom in on these objects several times and actually see details on objects in the distance.

Here you have an overview of all the pics: UAP photo gallery

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