UFO emitting high voltage magnetic field over Japan?

UFO emitting high voltage magnetic field over Japan is about of a video titled UFO daytime footage over Yokohama – Japan. It is one of the more interesting UFO videos out there. In this footage, you will see an unknown flying vessel moving very slowly passing by the witnesses directly above. At the bottom of this vessel, strange lights move in cryptic patterns.

UFO emitting high voltage magnetic field over Japan?

The video was uploaded by Youtube user tomozoo39 and shows a UFO with cryptic light patterns at the bottom supposedly flying over Yokohama in Japan. I don´t know if it´s genuine, but the footage is interesting and there is a lot of details to investigate here. By the way, this is the last video I can find on Youtube with this UFO. There were three videos before, but now the two of them have been removed from Youtube. So the video above is probably the last chance to see it.

UFO or just a drone with cryptic light patterns?

How can light move over a surface on a flying vessel and create cryptic patterns? That is the real tough question here. You could maybe easily make something very similar to a light canon used for light shows to concerts. But how do you put that into a drone and fly it over a city? And where do you get the energy from to run this equipment on a remote-controlled drone?

In the video, there is a lot of background noise from the city. You also hear two people talk in Japanese I suppose. There is no apparent engine noise from an aircraft. If this was a drone containing projector equipment, some engine noise from the drone would for sure had been audible. The high-pitched electrical propeller engine noise I would expect to hear seems to be absent.

So, if not a drone, what can it else be? It is clearly not a balloon from a children’s birthday. It´s not a weather balloon either. Our aircraft are built on the aerodynamics principle. This is a disc emitting cryptic light patterns at the bottom. Our air forces are into airshows, yes, but not so much light shows. So, what can it possibly be?

CGI or real alien spaceship?

I do not think this is a CGI (computer-generated imagery) creation. There are too many details in the video that makes it very real (and very time consuming to make). The strange light at the bottom could possibly be re-created with the right tools. But to draw these patterns manually would take a lot of time. It is not impossible today, but you would have a great work assignment here.

The cryptic light patterns at the bottom are one thing, the sunlight reflections on the side of the object is another. The reflections blink in and out several times in the footage. These reflections look very real and they come and go in a very realistic manner. At one point it melts together with the lights at the bottom. It would probably be possible to do that in Houdini, which is software to create 3D models, animations, games etc. But again, it is very time-consuming to do, even in frontline software like Houdini.

You can never be 100% sure about the legitimacy of UFO videos. I have seen lots of footage that was very realistic, but I learned later it was fake. The technology today allows us to create amazing 3D animations and the people behind are getting better and better. The only thing you have left is your intuition. And my intuition tells me, that this is probably not CGI. I think it could possibly be the real footage of an alien spaceship because the moving lights seem too sophisticated to be of human origin.

UFO emitting high voltage magnetic field over Japan?

If we assume it is the real footage of an alien spaceship, we could ask if the cryptic light patterns at the bottom are some kind of magnetic field? Something creates the moving lights, but what? A magnetic field would probably be driven by high voltage to do that. At least, there must be a field and it maybe reacts with the air and gets visible out of the bottom that way.

The field that is revealed by the moving lights could be engine-related maybe? Are we looking into the workings of the forces that lift up this vessel? The questions are many but we don´t get further than the hypothesis. But these sophisticated light patterns was the actual detail that got me to think this is possibly a genuine UFO video.

Unfortunately, I have no evidence that can prove this is an actual alien spaceship using some kind of magnetic field. But something happens at the bottom of this object, and it becomes visible in the form of cryptic light patterns.

See this video to the end, it´s one of the more interesting videos in my opinion! Be sure to see the video because on April 24, 2020, the Daily motion video link disappeared.

I don´t think this Japan UFO is fake…


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