Shiny UFO with gun turret above Air Force Base?

Shiny UFO with gun turret above Air Force Base filmed on October 18th 2010. The footage reveals an unidentified flying object hovering in the distance. My first thought when I saw this object was the LEGO man figure. But the shiny UFO here may not be appropriate for children’s play. It has something sinister at the bottom that looks like a gun turret pointing down towards what supposedly should be the Californian Air Force Base McClellan AFB

Shiny UFO with gun turret above Air Force Base?

The video was recorded at night and uploaded by Cool13Video on Youtube.

Shiny UFO with gun turret?

The LEGO man figure was just the first volatile impression. When I study the shiny UFO closer, it looks like a big flying (and armed) robot. The object seems not to be aerodynamic at all but stands up vertically in the air. It is slightly tilted 2-3 degrees backward towards left. A conventional propeller or jet engine technology seems to be absent. I see no wings and no thrusters in action.

But I see an elongated thing sticking out of the bottom, just like it would look like with a gun turret. Or could it be some sort of sensor equipment that just happens to look quite sinister? This is very odd. If it´s genuine, it may be among some of the best UFO sightings on video. It is very rare to see such details on an unidentified flying object.

Shiny UFO has a torn surface

I will not show you screenshots because of the copyright law. But you can take screenshots of the video stills and magnify them in for example Photoshop and get some pretty good closeups of the object and supposed gun turret.

And the object does not appear so shiny when magnified. It has what looks like a torn surface not as smooth as one would expect when seen at the distance. It really looks like this flying machine has been through some battles.

Shines like a christmas tree but how?

How can it shine as it does in this footage? You do not see any navigational lights or any other flashing or constant lights whatsoever. You just see an object in the air which is lit up all over its surface at once. How can that be possible?

I see no searchlights from the ground up targeting this object? It just hangs there mid-air with a black background, shining like it was a Christmas tree. Is there some kind of field around the unknown object that lightens it up?

The witness and owner of this UFO video

The witness and owner of this UFO video (Cool13Video), told me about his sighting. After the video clip above, he stopped recording, walked inside to get his tripod, but then he came out again, the object was gone. Read his own report on youtube in the video description here. The background noise you hear in the video comes from an airboat.

Real UFO above McClellan Air Force Base?

We don´t know if this was a real sighting above McClellan Air Force Base. The personnel on the ground at the supposed base may have seen something on the night of October 18th 2010? I can only wonder what this really was?

But when you see something that might resemble a flying robot with something resembling a gun turret at the bottom, pointing down at the supposed air force base below, it should automatically start some thoughts about the relationship between the flying object and the air base underneath. No shots were fired that night, but if it was a canon pointing down upon the air force base, it seems quite provocative and might be a kind of warning, unless this equipment belongs to the U.S.?

In addition to the other warnings we have gained throughout decades, unknown objects have emerged over nuclear weapons missile silos and bases, affecting electronics and security procedures. In some cases, these missiles completely went out of function in spite of a host of security procedures to ensure that it does not happen. Those cases could maybe be related to this one, a real UFO with weaponry above a Californian air force base, sending a serious message?

McClellan AFB

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