Bright ball of light in extreme acceleration towards space

Bright ball of light in extreme acceleration towards space is seen in two UFO videos from 2010. The unknown object starts as a bright ball of light but ends up very dim on the top of the acceleration before it disappears.

Bright ball of light in extreme acceleration towards space

The video above was uploaded by Youtube user ufowatcher5150 on May 14th 2010. See the video to end to see it accelerate.

Bright ball of light in extreme acceleration

This bright ball of light shows extreme acceleration that can not be done by our existing technology. Not as we know of. Some governments may have advanced technology in black projects that are not known to the public. Some of these could coincidentally end up on some of the many video camcorders out there.

The alternative explanation could be space aliens in their spaceship leaving earth. A more down to earth explanation would be some kind of meteorological phenomenon we don´t know about yet – just apart from what we can see in the video.

I have seen an object travel a lot faster than this referring to the UFO sighting, landing and first contact article. So I know by my own eyes, that there is a possibility for those who look up often, to see accelerations like these. The UFO in the video above accelerates to speeds way over what we are used to seeing in the skies.

Reaching speed of light towards space?

The UFO is seen reaching extreme speed supposedly towards space. Notice how the light from the object fades when it reaches a certain speed. Could this be because it reaches the speed of light? No, this is not light speed.

The speed of light is much faster than this and the object would disappear immediately. The speed of light is 299.792.458 meter per second, so it would just blink out and disappear. The distance to the Moon is for example 384.400.000 meters, so an object traveling with the speed of light from Earth, would be at the Moon in 1,28 seconds. What we see here is not light speed.

Another UFO video from uploader

I found another UFO video from Youtube user ufowatcher5150 that also shows extreme acceleration. The footage is from the day after on May 15, 2010. It shows exactly the same, a big ball of light that accelerates to an extreme speed.

The second video above is also an acceleration. And it makes me a bit nervous, because isn´t it too good to be true to record this twice.!? The video has not been flipped horizontally and re-uploaded. It is indeed two different videos. Both videos with UFOs in extreme acceleration seems legit to me, but I cannot be 100% sure.

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