Mysterious UFO sighting in the sky (cloud creator photo)

Mysterious UFO sighting in the sky (cloud creator photo) is about a very strange object that seems to create condensation (cloud). It was captured on photography in Denmark on May 25, 2017, above Odense city at 03.06 pm local time. In the unedited picture below it looks like a tube-shaped condensation with inclined pruning coming out of nowhere.

Mysterious UFO sighting in the sky (cloud creator photo)

The picture above originates from a photo investigation inside a secluded pasture where I had a creature sighting on May 24. And because of that UFO sighting, I decided to visit the site again on May 25. I had my Canon EOS 60D DSLR camera with me and it produced 173 images and this UFO gallery with 43 hi-res UFO photos.

Mysterious UFO sighting in the sky (cloud creator photo)

The mysterious UFO sighting, actually a photo sighting (I did not see it during the photography) stuns me. If you are weather expert or meteorologist, you might say it´s just a cloud. But the next pictures you will see defies a normal meteorological explanation.

UFO sighting (magnification / unedited)

The unedited but magnified picture above does not reveal much other than a small linear cloud-like structure. It looks like there is something behind but it is almost impossible to distinguish. But the negative below that was processed with Auto Contrast in Adobe Photoshop is a totally different story. A mysterious squared structure appears with some kind of material coming out of a hole.

UFO sighting (magnification / negative)

I have no known terrestrial reference points when trying to explain this. What should I compare it with? An aircraft? An airship or balloon? A cloud? There seems to be cloud-like material but it comes out of the square-shaped object behind.

Mysterious UFO cloud creator

The picture above was processed with Auto Tone in Adobe Photoshop and got some more brightness. The mysterious cloud creator is revealed by the pink color. The white material seems to be condensation and the creation of a cloud.

Mysterious UFO drawing…

This is my drawing of the mysterious UFO sighting. This is how I see it. I see a clear square-shaped object behind the cloud-like material. The cloud-like material seems to come out of a hole in the square-shaped object behind.

Mysterious UFO drawing

This is not like the cloud manifestation or the other sky phenomenon I have photographed. This is so strange and so weird that it is a bit scary. Well, it depends on what eyes who see! You may see something else? Or do you see the same as I do?

The UFO cloud creator

Are these pictures the evidence of a cloud creator? Is the mysterious UFO sighting here actually space aliens that create clouds to hide in? Why emit material that looks like a cloud? This condensation feature is quite common in relation to the unidentified flying objects in my photos.

Besides the flying saucers that seem to ride on cloud-like structures (1, 2 & 3), there are also other unknown vessels that seem to emit condensation in flight. Among other things the UFO fly-by footage that shows 9 original frames from a *.mts video. You could also explore the “condensation”-TAG

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