Disc-shaped UFO that causes condensation?

Disc-shaped UFO that causes condensation is a small but interesting object in the photo. It shows what I believe is the process of some kind of condensation at the bottom. The special feature with UFOs and condensation is evident throughout my photos on site. It seems that those supposed extraterrestrial vessels causes condensation as terrestrial aircrafts do but not exactly the same way.

Disc-shaped UFO that causes condensation?

As you can see in the above picture, the disc-shaped object is very small. But thanks to high-resolution DSLR photography, we can magnify the image more than normal before the object gets screwed in the pixels.

Disc-shaped UFO magnified

So far so good. The disc-shaped UFO has been magnified to a very satisfying extent, but it´s still very faint in the above picture. Let´s bring it into Adobe Photoshop and use some filters. First filter I use is Auto Contrast with some extra Brightness, see below.

Disc-shaped object magnified (Auto Contrast / Brightness)

Finally, the disc appears with a metallic finish on top and black in the middle at the bottom. At the absolute bottom of this disc, white material, or a substance, is emitted or is just there stationary. That´s how I see it. You might see something else?

Disc with condensation

The last picture above was processed with Auto Tone in Photoshop and shows a clear metallic round object.

The pictures here originates from a photo investigation inside a secluded pasture where I had a creature UFO sighting on May 24. And because of that UFO sighting, I decided to visit the site again on May 25. I had my Canon EOS 60D DSLR camera with me and it produced 173 images and this UFO gallery with 43 hi-res UFO photos.

Disc-shaped UFO is a paraglider?

The white material or substance that is beneath the disc-shaped UFO has a strange shape. It is bent downwards away from the craft? One should think that a paraglider just passed below the object. Well, I did not see any paraglider while I was there. I have seen a paraglider in the area before but not with a white parachute. Even if the paraglider was there, the disc above would still be a mystery!

Because of the high-resolution photography, it would have revealed the paraglider him- or her self including the ropes connecting her/him to the parachute. So the thing below the disc-shaped UFO is NOT a paraglider but something else.

Disc-shaped UFO and condensation?

I have a few photos with UFOs that emits what looks like condensation and in different ways. Sometimes it looks like they are using a cloud to hide in and I wonder if they create clouds for that specific purpose? And sometimes it looks like they emit, or cause condensation like an aircraft does, but different.

If the disc-shaped UFO here really causes condensation I cannot know for sure? But something strange is happening beneath the craft and it is not something on the lens. It is ON the object. What could it be? A field? I adhere to that some objects have this cloud-white material on them or it is trailing them. Some kind of additional phenomenon is maybe evident here?

Explore the “Condensation”-TAG to see the other unidentified flying objects related to possible cloud creation and condensation.

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