Bizarre UFO phenomenon emitting condensation or ectoplasm?

Bizarre UFO phenomenon emitting condensation or ectoplasm is one of the weirder UAP pictures I have. It shows a dark spherical object that seems to emit something that to me looks like smoke or condensation. The ectoplasm theory is from an earlier experience I had in 2011 just before extraterrestrial contact. Here I saw four dark spheres emitting thick smoke.

Bizarre UFO phenomenon emitting condensation or ectoplasm?

The picture above has been processed with Auto Tone in Adobe Photoshop. The software detects the different tones on the object and colorizes them with the colors it expects to be true. But you can not count 100% on these colors. What you get is just a clear view of the different tones this bizarre object represents displayed with varying colors. Grayscale picture below.

Bizarre UFO phenomenon (grayscale)

The bizarre UFO phenomenon was captured on photo in Denmark on May 25, 2017, at 3.04 PM local time in Odense city. The photography was done inside a secluded pasture where I had a creature sighting the day before on May 24, 2017. That sighting caused me to investigate the site on May 25th which produced 173 images and this UFO gallery

Bizarre UFO phenomenon very small in the photo

As you can see below, this aerial phenomenon is very small in the photo. The unedited but cropped version below is 820 x 410 pixels. It has been cropped out directly from the large 5184 x 3456 pixels (18 megapixels) original photo without magnification.

Bizarre UFO phenomenon emitting (unedited / illustration)?

If you magnify the unedited version above, the object is still very faint. But its there. You need to process the image with more contrast before the bizarre phenomenon comes to sight. Luckily this is high-resolution DSLR photography and even very small objects can be magnified and visualized.

Bizarre UFO phenomenon emitting ectoplasm or natural condensation?

Commercial aircraft sometimes creates natural condensation trails for example on the wingtips. A military jet can create a vapor cone, we have seen that on terrestrial crafts. And the aliens, they can also cause a phenomenon that looks like condensation

With the help of Adobe Photoshop, we can capture the actual outline of the aerial phenomenon and omit the rest of the image. That´s the result you see in the picture below. I believe this is some kind of condensation or ectoplasm emission.

Bizarre UFO phenomenon (calculation)

There is a spherical concentration of dark color with something more transparent around it. If that is the same as natural condensation (fog) we can see on an airplane I do not know. But something is exteriorized from this bizarre UFO phenomenon.

My UFO ectoplasm experience

The emitting of ectoplasm is, of course, a wild guess. But since I have seen before what I believe was ectoplasm coming out of four spheres, my mind is naturally heading for that explanation again. I think this terminology is a good candidate.

The bizarre event with “ectoplasm” I experienced was thick smoke blowing from four dark spherical objects positioned around a sandwich-shaped flying saucer. It was blowing away from me like if they moved towards me, but they stood still mid-air. It was not as typical cloud-like fog, it was very thick smoke white greyish yellow in color. Their smoke-trails were relatively short.

My ectoplasm experience

The flying saucer had an orange-yellow light moving slowly left-to-right on the top dome. Under that was what seemed to be a dark band across which I suspect was a section with windows.

Since my experiences with the extraterrestrial phenomenon generally are of paranormal nature, the ectoplasm as an explanation is not so far away I think. Ectoplasm is a terminology used in spiritualism. It is a substance or spiritual energy that is “exteriorized” by a physical medium (Wikipedia). These guys are in the “spirit” world, on the “other side” between death and birth. Aliens or not, the exteriorization of unknown material/substance is a very bizarre UFO phenomenon.

But the phenomenon here is not unique. I have another photo that shows a flying “cloud creator” device in the sky that emits a cloud-like substance. You can also explore the Condensation-TAG for more on this type of phenomenon.

UFOs and condensation/ectoplasm

I have other pictures from the photo investigation on May 25, 2017, that shows unidentified flying objects with what looks like condensation. See the final “salute” in the end of photo sighting gallery (page 6). And among other things I also have old video footage from 2011 of a craft that is seen emitting some kind of condensation (or ectoplasm?).

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