NARCAP.ORG (pilot UAP sightings) disappeared?

The NARCAP.ORG (National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena) website, a reporting center primarily for U.S. pilots, went missing on the internet on June 11th 2018. My website system detected the broken links in one of my articles pointing to the NARCAP website. In writing on June 17, 2018, the site is still unavailable on the internet.

UPDATE June 18th 2018: Just got contact with them via Facebook – the site will be up again after an upgrade and re-structure.

NARCAP contains pilot UAP sighting reports

NARCAP was dedicated to providing US pilots and aviation professionals a place to report observations and aviation safety-related incidents involving the UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena). The pilot UAP sighting reports were carefully analyzed by NARCAP´s science chief Dr. Richard Haines and research associates around the world.

They have a lot of in-depth articles and technical analyzes of pilot UAP sightings. Not only from U.S. pilots but pilots from all over the world. Besides the technical reports, there was a section with international reports about the UAP related to air safety. Also, a section with a large resource of documents from associated research could be found on the site.

NARCAP Chief Scientist Dr. Richard Haines

Apparently, Mr. Haines announced his retirement as Chief Scientist for NARCAP as of January 1, 2017 (reddit). And who could take over NARCAP as chief scientist seem to be unresolved? See the video below with Dr. Richard Haines.

I recently found the NARCAP site in my search after world-wide disclosure information on UFO´s and could see it offered an important piece of information. It would be quite a loss in ufology if NARCAP disappears forever with Dr. Richard Haines. But Mr. Haines reach over 80 years old now, so he has rightfully earned his retirement.

NARCAP.ORG WHOIS information

I attempted to contact the owner of the domain name NARCAP.ORG on June 13, 2018, but today on June 17, 2018, I still got no response. On WHOIS you can read that the domain expiry date is on September 26th 2018, so the site is not down because of an expired domain name. It seems to have been taken down intentionally by owner or hosting company.

I also contacted them on their Facebook page, where they actually talks about the need of money to run their website, which they have done for free out of own pockets since it started late 2000. They are also on Twitter under the name narcap1

NARCAP.ORG on the Internet Archive

As you can see on the Internet Archive, the site NARCAP.ORG did exist – click this LINK to see the internet archive CACHE of the NARCAP website. I hope the site reappears soon because the service they offered and the information they have is important in the world of ufology. If anyone knows what is going on with NARCAP.ORG, please drop a comment.


It seem that NARCAP have a Canada chapter but on another domain name

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