Alien contact announcement at UN meeting? (FAKE)

Alien contact announcement at UN meeting? It appears that Aliya Prokofyeva, the founder of the international space platform Galaktika, had an announcement at a UN meeting on December 22, 2018, about possible extraterrestrial contact.

UPDATE: The video above was removed by the user on March 16, 2019. Reason unknown.

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Aliya Prokofyeva speaking at UN in New York?

I have seen the “alien contact” video above a couple of times and it appears that she actually says what she says. There seem not to be any voice manipulation here. In the introduction of her announcement, it sounds like she specifies the whole date (other than “December” and “4.07”) but some of it is not audible. I have been listening many times but can´t figure out the exact date of the supposed extraterrestrial contact.

According to her Instagram, she attended the Frida Koholo exhibit in Brooklyn, NY on December 22, 2018, the same day this video claims she gave a speech at the UN. This Instagram post confirms she was in New York that same day.

Alien contact announcement at UN

In the alien contact announcement, she states, that a metal object, shaped like a pyramid, appeared over the Pentagon, Washington DC. An unidentified flying object, diameter around 100 meters, rotated around its own axis at an altitude of around 500 meters.

NASA operational task group, specializing in the receiving and processing of the space data, received incoming data from the object. According to the data and observations we can say that the object hovering over the Pentagon, can be identified as an aircraft of unknown origin. Hypothetically extraterrestrial. However, there were no signs of aggression.

But when she begins to talk about the repeating radio burst, the video goes black and it gets a bit fishy to me.

She continues, or a voice that sounds like her continues the speech…

She states that the repeating radio burst, named FRB 180814.J0422+73 picked up by specialists in the British Columbia’s CHIME Observatory, matches the pattern of the signal fixated by NASA, incoming from the object hovering over the Pentagon.

The End

Alledged video of pyramid UFO above Pentagon

There is a video going around showing what appears to be a pyramid-shaped UFO rotating above Pentagon. The video was filmed by Alex Dude on Wednesday December 19, 2018, and was later shared by YouTube conspirators Blake and Brett Cousins on their YouTube channel thirdphaseofmoon. Unfortunately, thirdphaseofmoon is known to be mostly fictitious video production. That alone tells me, that the video possibly may be faked.

Another video that was also filmed by Alex Dude shows a pyramid UFO above Pentagon…

The speech by Aliya Prokofyeva at the UN meeting until the blackout seems to be real to me, but I was wrong… And the pyramid UFO videos here is probably also FAKE.

First pyramid UFO fakery 2009

The third video below is my own work, well maybe not the best analysis to offer, but from 1.13 in the video, you can see the pyramid UFO is a layer upon the reflection in the car glass. The UFO should have been behind the reflection, not in front of it.

The video above shows one of the very first pyramid UFOs that was seen on the internet. But this one was FAKE and I am afraid that all the other pyramid UFOs out there are FAKE too.

This video proves the alien contact announcement is FAKE

The video with Aliya Prokofyeva at a UN meeting is FAKE. The video IS from a UN meeting but not with Aliya Prokofyeva. It is the video with Erdogan that is used to this clever hoax. See the video below.

Unfortunately, no extraterrestrial alien contact so far…

Aliya Prokofyeva, a space industry visionary

Aliya Prokofyeva is a space industry visionary who founded the Moscow-based Galaktika which is an international platform that “unites people to build the first city in space” ~ Aliya Prokofyeva. She is a very interesting individual. She wants to build an orbital space colony holding 10.000 people, a hotel on the Moon and other things related to space exploration.

Unfortunately, there is a whole industry out there working only to screw everything up. I did not make this video fake with her, and she her self is probably not happy with this either. These fakery actions are a kind of criminal act trying to deceive people to think wrong. This is just very sad.

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7 thoughts on “Alien contact announcement at UN meeting? (FAKE)

  1. Initial impulse is to say this is a fake.
    The video proving it is a fake is not completely convincing.
    When the man turns the page it shows two white pages while the woman has only one in front of her.
    The question that is obvious is why would this woman be giving this speech in front of the UN anyway?
    Making fakes does not help in the search for the truth.
    Making fakes of truth is even more confusing.
    Regardless this will never be exposed in this manner. Both the”UFO” over the Pentagon and the “revelation” to the UN are bogus.
    I understand why these fakes are being made.
    Make the people close to the truth look like fools. That way everyone will laugh at how foolish they are.
    The truth is right in front of us.
    We can deny or accept it…it is our choice to make!

    1. Exactly my friend, they are trying to make fools from people seeking for truth, and on the same time analysing the reactions to these fake news to prepare better their next manipulative steps, and eventually some sort of false flag operations in cover of a staged “alien” intervention… Eyes open! … BTW, a good analysis of how these videos including the UN speech were faked:

    1. If this is a fake, why don’t the hand gestures and arm positions line up at all? I’m not saying it proves it’s real, but claiming someone merely dubbed Prokofyeva’s head on Erdogan’s body is more unbelievable than the subject matter of the alleged video.

  2. Why would Alyia not verify that this is fake or not and jeopardize her reputation.? Question already asked is why she is in front of UN, if real and why share this specfic with UN? If fake, I have to say extremely well made.
    Can people find out the source of the filmer and how reliable that source is.

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